Rowdy Raleigh Indie Rockers Thirsty Curses Release New Single ‘Nothing Really Matters’

Thirsty Curses, the North Carolina indie-rock foursome, is eagerly anticipating the release of their newest album, slated to drop in March of 2022. Ahead of the approaching album, the raucous Raleigh band recently released their single, “Nothing Really Matters,” along with an accompanying video.

Consisting of members Wilson Getchell (vocals, guitar, piano) Alexander Weir (lead guitar), Clayton Herring (bass), and Evan Miller (drums), Thirsty Curses delivers a heavy dose of Americana and garage rock with obvious indie and punk influences that help propel their unique sound. In other words, they explore a lot of genres in a way all their own.

The song starts off slow and mellow, with a piano ballad performed by Getchell, and lyrics that dwell on starting anew and seeking personal identity in a rapidly changing environment. The song builds until it releases in a cathartic crash of uptempo and high energy. With an emotional rollercoaster lyrically and a barrage of technical instrumentation, the band rips through a flurry of sounds that illustrates the range of their influences. 

The energy of the song is equally matched by the video, where we see Getchell playing piano alone with shots of an empty road, until the rapid change-up, where the video pivots to an intense go-kart race, flying at the same pace as the second half of the song. With flashes of the band riffing out this song in between shots of their high-tempo race, the listener feels like they’re (delightfully) trapped in the lyrical world created by Thirsty Curses.

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This head-banging anthem with two juxtaposed sonic halves explores the vastness of the Southern sound, while expanding on countless genres. Thirsty Curses continues to deliver impactful projects one after another, coming closer to cementing themselves as one of the more unique rock bands in Raleigh and beyond.

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