Robot Rock: Lee Cleaveland & The Lefthand Band Drop Aptly Titled New Single ‘Cyborg Man’

Frontman Lee Cleaveland has never had his left hand. But being born without any arm below the elbow hasn’t slowed Cleaveland down, as he boasts titles including actor, musician, filmmaker and stage manager.

It also makes sense that the name of the multi-talented artist’s band is called The Lefthand Band.

So far, Lee Cleaveland and The Lefthand Band have two EPs and four singles released since 2019. They recorded and released their debut EP with the assistance of notable producer Mark Stewart. And most recently, the band has dropped their aptly titled single, “Cyborg Man”.

Cleaveland started his music performance career in 2017 in small venues from basements to dive bars. In the beginning, it was just him, his guitar and his harmonica. The following year, at the chance to perform at a music festival in Cleaveland’s native Michigan, he added a full band, which has friends Will McPeek and Nick Russo. 

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The band’s new single, “Cyborg Man” presumably inspired by Cleaveland’s missing left hand and the prosthetic replacement, is a playful and fun high energy rock tune akin to that of early 2000s garage and blues rockers like The White Stripes or The Hives etc.

Cleveland describes his music as blending 60s rock, surf pop, and folk rock, though this single is a straight ahead rock and roll track. This makes it the perfect lead single for their upcoming debut album. 

The hard-driving rock influences in “Cyborg Man” are clear not only in its sound, but also in its lyrics and visuals. Accompanying the release of the single is a music video that can only be described as pure unadulterated rock and roll. A hodgepodge of locations and props make the video humorously intense and fun to watch. Watching Cleaveland shred on his guitar with his left arm along with the rest of the group just rocking out gives way to him tinkering with computers that anyone under the age of 20 probably wouldn’t even recognize. There are flames, wads of money, old cars, and my personal favorite- Cleaveland riding a mechanical bull. 

The comedic, lighthearted and fun energy brought by Lee Cleaveland and The Lefthand Band is a timeless kind of music that is just as important now as it ever will be, and makes this group one that is a unique must listen.

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