PREMIERE: Roots Rockers The Whags Deliver No-Frills Live Performance Video Of New Single ‘Eight Day Clock’

Americana roots rockers The Whags aim to get their listeners up and on their feet with their latest live track, “Eight Day Clock.” 

The songs features Grateful Dead-esque harmonies and guitar licks that bring feelings of nostalgia to long-time lovers of the classic rock era. The song is a perfect addition to any jam-band playlist with a colorful piano underlay, grooving bass line, and wailing guitar solos that dynamically run throughout the 7+ minute track.

Vocalists Jordan Tan and Liam Tevlin perfectly balance each other out harmonically, and deliver each line with rock n’ roll passion that instigates listeners to hit the dancefloor and get down. 

The video was filmed live at Strange Earth Studios, a modern studio with a vintage vibe located in Seattle, Washington. The short features the whole band in all their glory, rocking out in a no-frills manner, letting their natural chemistry take over and their impassioned emotion take the driver’s seat.

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While simple in composition, the video does the track justice, as it focuses on the natural musical ability of the group, and how they and their instruments alone are enough to entrance listeners with their feel-good music. 

The Whags

The Whags formed as an impromptu group of friends that came together after developing their individual musical craft and decided to work on original material. Composed of Tan (keys, vocals), Tevlin (guitar, vocals), Chris Porter (guitar), Marz Haque (bass), and Cam Hancock leading percussion, the band is defined by their vocal-driven melodies and smooth groovin’ roots rock style. The band’s musical style is effervescent with vibrant jam band energy and classic rock themes that draw from bands like The Grateful Dead to The Band and many more.

After a loss of time over the quarantine periods of the pandemic, the group has been working hard to record their debut album, and has since gotten back on the road touring the West Coast this past year. The newest track is their second release of the year following their last double-track release, “Slice of Pie/Eugene.” 

Regarding “Eight Day Clock”, Hancock told us, “This song was born out of the myths of outlaw country and reflects on the time on the road that the band has spent. More so, it’s about the odd routine folks used to have, winding their clocks every eight days and where that leaves us with no clocks to wind. It is meant to be played and heard live with longer jam moments, key changes, and a honky tonk break or two, so the live video captures some of the fun we have playing this tune together.”

“Eight Day Clock” is set to officially hit streaming platforms next Friday, December 9th. The Whags plan on releasing their debut full-length album this coming year, and hitting the road to tour the project far and wide.

The Whags

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