Premiere: Pop Singer-Songwriter Stephen Babcock Discusses Bubbly New Single ‘Still Think Of You’ & More

Infamous “Internet Dad” and Buffalo Bills-loving singer-songwriter Stephen Babcock has been busy.

Babcock released his latest album, Monroe, back in the fall of 2021, and has since released two more singles this year, with the latest being “Still Think of You,” which officially hit streaming services today.

From a young age, Babcock fell in love with music and began writing songs at the ripe age of 13. He would go on to open for major acts across the country (Ed Sheeran and Canyon City, to name a few) and continue to hone his craft and earn his performance chops along the way.

After the acclaim of his 2021 album Monroe, Babcock came out strong in 2022 with the infectious single, “Worst Ways,” back in February, and with the vibrant new track “Still Think of You,” the dedicated home-brewer continues to pump out melodic earworms that can and will hook the average pop music fan.

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We got the chance to chat with Babcock to learn more about this Internet Dad and catchy songwriter, the new single, thoughts on the Buffalo Bills, and more.

So I see you dropped your latest album, Monroe, in October of 2021, and already are in between a few single releases in 2022. Are these all songs you’ve been sitting on for awhile, or has the past year or two been good to you inspiration-wise?

The past year or two has been really inspiring! I’ve been lucky enough to head into the studio a few times and put together a lot of songs that are actually brand new. I have been able to write a lot more and that has been conducive to making more songs that I feel extremely proud of. Monroe and the singles I am putting out now are easily the best music I have made in my career so far.

Your previous single, “Worst Ways,” dropped this past February. Can you give us a breakdown behind this track and what it means to you?

“Worst Ways” is about having trouble saying goodbye to your ex and how sometimes memories find their way back into your head even years later. The track is a new direction musically for me as I start to lean more into pop music and pop sensibilities I have been trying to approach for a long time now.

And how about “Still Think of You,” which officially dropped today. Can you touch on the inspiration and backstory behind this tune?

“Still Think of You” was inspired by seeing this girl I know who I was very close friends with move abroad to Europe. When she left, she became a totally different person and lost a lot of what made her who she was. It’s about not forgetting where you’re from. This song was also inspired by Holly Humberstone and her song “Scarlett”, which I have been listening to non stop these days.

Can fans expect to see these on an upcoming album, or are they standalone singles for now?

The plan is to release a whole Album/EP very soon, but right now, I really enjoy just releasing the singles. Though they will all likely come together for a complete release, putting singles out on their own allows them to have their own spotlight and get the individual attention that they deserve.

Can you walk us through a day in the life of Stephen Babcock’s songwriting process?

Well, that starts with a large cup of coffee that’s for sure. But mainly my day to day process is sitting down every morning and promising myself to just “play”. That changes day to day, but usually within an hour or so of playing on the guitar I begin to finalize a song idea from a prior day, begin something new, or maybe dissect a song I love and see why I love it from a chords/lyrics perspective.

The key for me each day is that I keep my streak going of playing every time I am at home. I think it was Jerry Seinfeld who had this quote about “keeping a daily streak” of creativity and how you never want to break that chain. I love that idea and that drive to keep plugging away helps make me a better performer and writer.

I see you’ve opened for artists like Ed Sheeran and Canyon City to name a few. What were those experiences like, and what do you feel you learned from them?

Any time I get to perform with another artist, no matter if they have played a million shows or just one, I always feel I can learn something to make my show better. With those two in particular, I was able to see how they command a room, write a song that captures people, and how to be a great musician with your fans. Paul (of Canyon City) has especially been a huge mentor in my life. His journey as a musician has been such an inspiration to make better music and put my best foot forward every day.

Are you still brewing beer these days? Any updates or fun recipes you can tell us about? Any other notable hobbies?

Yes, I am certainly still brewing! Just made an Irish style dry stout and have been slowly working through that beer. I don’t think I’d ever give up brewing because I love how it’s another creative outlet that’s outside of music. It allows me to play around with ideas related to flavor instead of just musical notes and lyrics. I think having something outside your main “thing” is absolutely necessary in an industry that can really swallow you up and take all your time.

And how about your beloved Buffalo Bills. What do you hope to see from them this year whether it be free agency, the draft, trades, etc. to take that leap to grab a Lombardi?

I just hope they can finally make it to a Super Bowl. I’ve been a Bills fan since as long as I can remember and now is as good a time as any to finally get that first Super Bowl win. I can promise you I will be in Buffalo should they make it back to the big dance this upcoming season. With Josh Allen… anything is possible.

What else might fans look forward to from you as we trudge through 2022?

Plenty more singles are coming and an album release is on the way. Mainly though, I am hoping to just keep interacting with fans. Be it at a show or online, I really just want to connect with the people that love my music and their stories. That has been the most fulfilling thing for me over the last year and I want to keep doing that as much as I can.

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