Premiere: New Jersey Country Pop Singer Karly C Sets The Tone For Putting The Past Behind Her With New Single ‘Another Drink Or Three’

At the crossroads of heartbreak, alcohol, and music lies a relatable concoction of intoxicatingly catchy and upbeat soundbites that come together to form one of summer’s first energetic bops.

As a growing songwriter, emerging producer, and dynamic vocalist, Karly C is a well-rounded triple threat, playing the role of bartender for her musically thirsty audience with her brand new single “Another Drink or Three,” which officially drops today.

A specialist in multiple genres, this latest song is the New Jersey native’s return to country following two pop-leaning singles from last year, which were both fully written and recorded by herself. She enlisted the help of Dylan Maloney and Billy Decker from her recording team in Nashville for “Another Drink or Three,” but has also been known to work in the U.K. where she has previously lent her vocals to two dance tracks featured on FM radio in that market.

Her signature trait, one transcending whichever genre she works with, is her powerhouse vocals, delivered with clarity appropriate for pop, emotion familiar to country, and grit that would compliment rock if she ever ventured in that direction on her originals, but can be seen many times over on a staggering number of covers on her YouTube channel. However, on “Another Drink or Three,” it is her expertly controlled inflections and audibly brazen personality that make all the difference, transforming what could have been a more silly song into an anthemic sing-along.

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To support her bold and recognizable voice on this track is Nashville legend Mike Johnson on dobro (“Wagon Wheel”) among her own harmonies (because with a voice that strong, who better to sing along than herself?) and a steady percussion that acts like a train’s deliberate march forward, leading the other instruments played by Dylan Maloney with a commanding purpose.

In true country fashion, the song takes place in a bar and contemplates a past lover. However, it doesn’t dwell for long, instead shifting the focus towards an optimistic future. The meaning of every glass evolves from chorus to chorus, gradually revealing the true message of the song, as she explained to us what each drink is being toasted to: “The first to what we were, the second to what we’ll never be, and the third to me being wild and free!”

Karly has acquired a number of accomplishments under her belt in the short four-year span of her career so far, from landing five co-written songs as features on the Lifetime Network’s hit show Dance Moms, to her title track from her debut album Take Me as I Am spending six weeks on Sirius XM’s Venus pop station. Karly’s traction seems fit to carry her through this single’s release and through her next projects, which may either reflect the strengths she’s already demonstrated, or continue to trailblaze somewhere new.

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