Premiere: Contemporary Acoustic Rock Trio Charrlonmane Collective Release New Single ‘Gravity’

London, Ontario, based acoustic rock trio Charrlonmane Collective continue to expand and evolve in their sound, which is largely based in acoustics, blues, hard rock and psychedelic music.

Originally just the project of Carlo Hermann, the group expanded in preparation for the release of their 2021 album, Go With the Flow.

Featuring Hermann on guitar and vocals, Siegfried Meier on bass and vocals, and Matt Varey on drums, Charrlonmane Collective has a unique sound but a familiar feel, reminiscent of their many influences, ranging from America to Frank Zappa. Drawing on these influences, the variety and range of their musical stylings is on full display more and more with each successive work. 

Premiering their new single “Gravity” today, December 10th, the track is a vibrant and energetic track from the Ontario group. Featuring dream-washed vocals, calm, consistent and brisk guitar strumming and a punchy percussion unit, the band’s latest release is like a breezy day at the beach coupled with lyrics that are introspective and emotionally present.

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“Gravity” appears as a single off of the group’s latest record, Go With the Flow. Riding on the catchy chorus of, “If we could stop the world spinnin’ round / There’d be no more gravity holding us down,” the song ponders on the past while looking brightly towards the future. An absolute ‘keep your head up’ anthem, this song feels like a positive force in the face of negativity.

A group that is constantly evolving their sound, look for more music by Charrlonmane Collective in the future, as this single signals bigger and better things are still to come from the Canadian trio.

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