Pop-Punk Rocker Dinzy Releases Music Video For Her Cover Of Paramore’s ‘Hard Times’

Nashville-based rock artist Dinzy pays homage to modern Nashville legends in her new single and music video for “Hard Times.”

Dinzy is the rockin’ alter ego of Kristen Dinsmore, a recent Los Angeles transplant now calling Music City home. The newest single from her upcoming album is a compelling cover of the 2017 Paramore hit song.

For her version, Dinzy teamed up with fellow Nashville musician Davie Smith (guitar, bass, percussion) and Kyle Edmonson (drums). They decided to keep the upbeat funkiness and vibe of the original tune, while also injecting it with a shot of pure rock n’ roll adrenaline.

In doing so, Dinzy manages to transform and elevate the song into a big and loud rock anthem, effectively making the tune her own. Her relentless energy and powerful, gritty voice perfectly convey the wide range of deep and raw emotions associated with the song’s mental health-related lyrics.   

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The music video for “Hard Times,” which dropped today, October 23rd, expertly captures Dinzy’s bold and unrestrained energy. She again had the help of Smith for the video, as well as Nashville-based video production company Duendevision Productions.

The video starts out clear and vivid, showing Dinzy lying alone atop a pile of newspaper clippings. Halfway through the video, however, there’s a sudden and palpable shift in energy and style. Strobing lights and neon colors burst forth and drench the screen, with Dinzy’s signature lively and in-your-face attitude on full display. The video has an undeniable 80s flair, and the trippy effects make for an immersive audio and visual experience. 

Dinzy flexes her vocal bravado and breathes new life into “Hard Times.” The single is an exciting tease for her second studio album, which she is currently tracking. 

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