Acclaimed Australian Pop & Country Songstress Rachael Fahim Releases Anthemic New Single ‘Darts In The Dark’

Australian pop-country singer Rachael Fahim has released another optimistic and catchy hit in her newest single, “Darts in the Dark.”

The exciting new track, which dropped today, October 22nd, follows the success of her summer smash, “Middle Ground.” Fahim was given the opportunity to co-write the single with Robby De Sa, Ned Philpott, and Rosi Golan, who have written songs for Lennon Stella, Little Big Town, Billy Currington, and Christina Aguilera to name a few.

When asked about the songwriting process, Fahim said, “When we wrote this song, I was talking about how I often feel stuck while everyone around me seems to be moving forward; life can be a rollercoaster, but you just have to sit back, enjoy the ride and just focus on your own path.” 

“Darts in the Dark” begins with a foot-tapping melody with hopeful lyrics in the chorus like, “Sometimes life feels like throwing darts in the dark in the dead of the night / And I wanna believe that the future is bright / So I hold on.” With an uplifting voice similar to current names in pop-country today, Fahim has an effortless style that works in her music. Her voice shines and consistently carries through over the numerous instruments and harmonies throughout the song making it an unforgettable melody. This single in particular showcases a more cheerful side to her character and has hidden themes of the different journeys she’s faced in her career.

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Being the most streamed female country artist in Australia for the past three years, she’s not planning on letting that go any time soon. Having over 10 million streams to date, her most popular tracks come from her album, Iconic, which features seven powerful songs. Her first single off the album went #1 on the TMN national country airplay chart, and “Even If I Wanted To,” which featured Brad Cox, attained major radio support on the airplay as well. 

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter has also won Star Maker of the Year at the Tamworth Country Music Festival after making the Top 10 in 2015. This same award has also been won by country star Keith Urban and guarantees winners slots to tour in Australia. Not only is she gigging solo, but she also participated in a side project as a singer in an all-female group called Southbound. The Australia-based group performs mostly high tempo songs that have also done well on country airplay. Now focusing on the success of her solo career, Fahim has left the group, but is grateful for the experiences it gave her. 

Constantly exploring different routes in her music, she does a great job at forming to country audiences as well as pop. She throws the cliché stereotypes out the door and shows off her vulnerable lyrics and vocals in her songs and music videos. 

Performing everything from lighthearted country ballads to upbeat hits, Fahim has a sonic variety and a work-ethic that stands out among others, and the future certainly seems bright for this budding songstress. 

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