Olfactory Ecstasy: Unlock The Power Of Inspiration & Creativity In Your Music With The Help Of Aromatic Oils

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Anyone can make music. Making brilliant music, on the other hand, is not for everyone, and a tall order.

Every artist no doubt sets out to create the best sounds. To churn out great music, no doubt a lot of work has to be undertaken. Looking for ways to improve and do better has to become a way of life. While searching online for top tips to help create excellent music, a section in a certain article by an authoritative writer/artist stood out. The first piece of advice stated: “Don’t wait for inspiration, just get started.”

In reality, the most outstanding music or artistic work has been birthed through deep inspiration and creativity. Leonardo da Vinci for example, embodied inspired creativity, which made him a polymath: he was a painter, inventor, engineer, medic and musician. Did you know that da Vinci used neroli essential oil (as a favorite) to inspire creativity? Neroli is a citrus oil that has anxiety reducing and mood lifting benefits. The need for inspired creativity in art cannot be underrated; and, aromatherapy can help unlock this potential.   

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How Essential Oils Work To Bolster Creativity

Essential oils were discovered and used over 3,500 years ago. They were extracted from roots, flowers, leaves, fruits and so on. These aromatic oils are known for therapeutic effects and today, essential oils are quickly becoming the best natural agents to promote well-being. Oils have a mountain of benefits; they improve mood, relieve stress and anxiety, help insomnia, spark creativity and many more. These oils work in the brain after inhalation through the limbic system. This system conveys information that stimulates emotional changes for the better. To tap into creativity as an artist, there are many oils to use.

Essential Oils That Boost Creativity

Pure aromatic oils can be used before, during or after your creative session. Many work by soothing your mind and unblocking mental fog to pave way for creative inspiration – below are the best oils to use.

1. Clary Sage

This is an interesting oil that every creative person must consider. It enhances intuitive power while inspiring higher consciousness.

2. Rosemary

One of the most commonly used oils for boosting mental clarity and paving the way to new ideas.

3. Bergamot

This stress-reducing oil comes with a fruity scent and has the power to manage anxiety and calm your nerves.

4. Frankincense

This spicy essential oil calms the whole body and releases your creative juices as needed.

5. Lavender

Every artist benefits from a relaxed mind, and this oil induces relaxation and improves your mood.

6. Jasmine

If you are looking for that euphoric optimism and confidence, Jasmine oil is what you need. This oil also calms your mind so that you can deliver on optimal creativity.  

7. Cypress

To burst that nervous tension and brain fog, this oil works.The list of oils that enhance creativity is long. Peppermint, neroli, eucalyptus, orange citrus are other great options to use.

How To Use Essential Oils

The best way to incorporate essential oils into your creative process is to use a diffuser. The Nebulizing Diffuser by Organic Aromas is the best aromatherapy tool in the market. This is because 100% oils are diffused into the air without adulteration, water or heat. The diffuser is safe, effective, cost effective and attractive for your space. There are diffuser varieties that speak to style, size and design. The nebulizing diffuser is also easy to use and works quietly in any space. It is fitted with all manner of control features including interval, volume and LED mood lighting.

Where To Get The Best Essential Oils

For you to enjoy the creativity mentioned above, you must use pure quality oil in your diffuser. With so many products available, narrowing down your best choices can be daunting. Thankfully, Organic Aromas is a trusted essential oil seller. From organic to pure and blended oils, enjoy certified quality essential oils that have been lab tested independently. All essential oils that spark creativity as mentioned above are available.


According to science, using essential oils for creativity trains your brain accordingly. The oils used will always trigger creativity – the same way aromas trigger familiar memories. Promoting productivity this way also brings other benefits like stress and anxiety control. This holistic approach creates a lifestyle that empowers the discerning artist who wants to unlock untold creativity through aromatic oils.     



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