NYC Activist & Songwriter Chris St. Hilaire Explores Sonic Depths In New EP ‘Traveling Man’

Based in Brooklyn, New York, activist and artist Chris St. Hilaire explores folk, pop, and soul in his newest EP, Traveling Man.

St. Hilaire’s experience working with rock and soul artists like The London Souls (which he co-founded), Marcus King, and Ceelo Green add a rich and diverse flavor to his natural sound. One of Hilaire’s most popular songs on Traveling Man, “Practice What You Preach” demonstrates unique textures of folk lyricism, pop vocals, and twangy country-blues guitar over mellow percussion. The upbeat tempo paired with descending melodies and harmonies takes you on a bubbly journey while emphasizing Hilaire’s anthemic lyrics. 

Showcasing his unique range in musical style, Hilaire contrasts his folky vocal style with strong aspects of pop throughout the new EP, notably in his song, “Beam of Light (For Havana)”. This song kicks off with natural sounds of ocean waves and calling birds that are followed by a beachy electric guitar. The transcendent tune will put you right on the shoreline with his buoyant voice, rich background vocals, and bright percussion.

Traveling Man encompasses the organic nature of folk and energy of pop music while displaying Hilaire’s talent for witty and honest storytelling. Throughout the album and previous releases of his, Hilaire’s voice as a songwriter and activist is channeled through his soulful instrumentation and raw lyrics. 

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His journey as an artist and passion for the music community has inspired him in his activism to be a co-founder of The Sound Mind Collective. The organization aims to strengthen the independent music community through education, policy change, benefit concerts, community partnerships, and forums focused on social justice and equity in music culture in New York City.

This generous and inspiring mentality he holds is also reflected in his music, and Traveling Man is just the latest example of Chris St. Hilaire’s sonic prowess.

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