Folk Songwriter Lindsay Clark Reflects On Toxic Love With New Single ‘Better Way’

“A rare exhibition of the weight that minimalism can bear in contemporary, reflective folk music.” This quote from Popmatters in 2018 accurately depicts the delicate and revelatory nature of songwriter Lindsay Clark.

The Portland-based folk singer-songwriter utilizes multi-tracked vocal arrangements to allow her voice to shine through, leaving listeners in awe of her pitch-perfect vocals. Perhaps the best representation of her euphoric sound is on her latest single, “Better Way” which dropped Monday, June 6th. 

Clark’s talent does not cease at her vocals. Her poignant lyrics cut deep, and her ability to express what she is feeling is what makes her an exemplary songwriter. 

“Better Way” feels like something everyone needs to hear; a reminder to find a love that loves you back in a genuine way. Throughout the song, Clark reflects on previous toxic relationship experiences she has had. The lyrics, “Why do you want to take me from me?” depict a one-sided relationship, and how easy it is to lose yourself when devoting your time to someone else. However, the chorus states the greatest mantra there is: “Let yourself be loved in a better way.” Clark reminds us that it is okay to expect more in the people you choose to love.

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The single is accompanied by a stunning music video, which features visuals of Clark amongst flowers and sheets that billow in the wind. Although a very simple concept, the video seems to provide an aesthetic aid for how the song leaves listeners feeling.

“Better Way” is featured on Clark’s upcoming album, Carpe Noctem, along with previously released songs “Evening Stars” and “Roses in the Sky”. The album is available for pre-order and will be released via Audiosport Records on June 24.

Photo by Myles Katherine

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