Notable Nashville Music Producer & Country Songwriter Jon Randall Releases First Solo Single In Fifteen Years With ‘Keep On Moving’

An acclaimed singer, veteran songwriter, seasoned guitarist, and multi-award-nominated producer, Jon Randall is the epitome of a Nashville industry professional who can do it all.

After fifteen years of collaborating with A-list country artists in all areas of his expertise, Randall is debuting a new era of solo work with his February 19th single, “Keep on Moving.” With the release overshooting his birthday by two days, the song could be considered a gift to himself, which he (of course) wrote, produced, and sang.

Born Jon Randall Stewart in Dallas, Texas, but pursuing songwriting in Nashville from a young age, he will be celebrating thirty years of professional experience and contributions in the industry next year. In those three decades, he has accumulated two Academy of Country Music (ACM) awards, a Country Music Association (CMA) and GRAMMY award, and ten other nominations between those three organizations. These recognitions have spanned from his songwriting, producing, and even instrumental work when he got his start with Emmylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers band, which is wildly impressive and enviable in its own rite.

In addition to these various accolades, Randall has had two singles from his own discography peak on the U.S. Country charts. His cuts with other artists, including household names such as Dierks Bentley, Maren Morris, Kenny Chesney, and Little Big Town, have earned him not only an extensive catalog, but massive respect from his industry peers, who consistently support and vouch for him.

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“Keep on Moving” is an exemplary display of the culmination of this expertise wrapped up nicely with a golden bow on top. A self-reassuring yet slightly melancholy song, it expresses the desire to run away from everyone and everything while clinging onto a sense of identity, his attempt to ground himself amongst the external chaos. Randall credits this as “an enneagram 9 thing,” referring to his apparent results from the popular personality test, who are said to people-please and be empathetic to a fault.

Though the whole song is full of a lilting guitar pattern and soothing melody, there is one section that stood out as particularly enticing. The two-line post-chorus tag, “The mercy of a river, the wind is blowing/Nobody gives a damn where I’ve been or where I’m going, where I’m going”, swells and resolves in such a beautiful, satisfying way that it seems to tie the rest of the song together, leaving the listener pondering their own path.

Randall is married to fellow industry star Jessica “Jessi” Alexander, both of whom are members in the elite group 18 South, a collection of expert Nashville songwriters and session musicians. When not touring or recording, they and their three kids split time between her home state of Tennessee and his of Texas.


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