Nashville Indie Pop Songwriter Grayson Foster Releases New Single ‘Hold Me Tonight’

Grayson Foster is a Nashville songwriter whose indie folk-rock style is reminiscent of artists such as John Mayer, Afie Jurvanen (Bahamas), and Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend). He skillfully blends energetic pop with soothing acoustics and a bit of soul.     

Providing a window to look into internal struggles and the difficulty of telling loved ones alone time is needed, “Hold Me Tonight” is emotionally raw and vulnerable. Co-produced by Katie Toupin (Houndmouth) and engineered by Grammy-winning Jeremy Furgeson, the somber single was recorded at Battle Tapes Studios. 

As Foster sings, “I’m paralyzed and I’m drunk and I’m stupid and a little bit high/I just want the darkness to hold me tonight…promise you baby I’m doing alright”, many listeners will find themselves relating to a feeling of desiring solitude when you need a break from the world. The slow and relaxed production brings a sense of comfort to those who find themselves needing rest. 

Beginning his solo career in 2019 after playing in his college band The Dipping Skinnies, Foster released his first single, “I’m Supposed to Love You”. The alternative track features catchy guitar licks, earning accolades such as Lightning 100’s “Song of the Week”. The bridge picks up with, “I told my father, I told my mother, I’m supposed to love you…So I’m gonna love you”, as his vocal range dynamically expands. 

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“Why Do I Need to Be Drunk?” became his second release, adding a heavier rock sound to his catalog as he questions his actions through the storytelling. He soon after joined Katie Toupin on her 2019 Real Love tour as an opener, up until he had to return home because of the pandemic. 

“If I Lost You” also released in late 2019, with a lighter and dreamy production as the lyrics tell of most likely being stuck in darkness from a lost relationship. The feeling of being high from love is captured in the ethereal and smooth vocals that bring listeners to another world. 

Tongue Tied” hit streaming services in 2020, looping back to hard electric guitar rhythms. The bold energy and carefree lyrics create a stark contrast between his latest release, which brings a deeper honesty. From light acoustics to high production, Foster has hit many different sounds in just the last couple of years, giving something for everyone to enjoy.

His love of timeless music and as well as having a good laugh in between the tough moments will continue to be felt as he gears up to release more music in the future.

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