Music For The Whole Family: Canadian Multi-Genre Folk Group The Oots N’ Oots Release New Single ‘Once Upon A Dream’

If you’re fond of music the entire family can enjoy, then the new single, “Once Upon A Dream,” from Canadian “all ages” band The Oot n’ Oots is for you. 

Hailing from Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, The Oot n’ Oots consist of 14-year-old singer Ruth Cipes, her father Ez, and her three uncles, Ari, Gabe, and Mathew. While the band’s music is certainly kid-friendly, they should not be dismissed as merely a “children’s music band”.

The group goes much deeper by exploring profound concepts and asking big questions about the many mysteries of life and the beauty of the world around us. The result is a fun and thought-provoking music experience that the whole family can listen to and enjoy. 

Their new track, “Once Upon A Dream,” is yet another single that will appear on their third album, Ponderosa Bunchgrass and the Golden Rule, slated for release on October 15th.

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“Once Upon A Dream” is a noticeable departure from their previously released single, “PJs All Day,” which is also set to appear on Ponderosa Bunchgrass and the Golden Rule. While the latter is lighthearted and whimsical, the new single is grand, triumphant, musically complex, and a serious flex of the band’s musicianship, songwriting skills, and versatility. 

The track begins with Cipes singing softly but confidently over the gentle picking of an acoustic guitar. The song soon begins to ramp up, however, and as the chorus hits, a group of horns that sound straight out of a classic western movie fade into the mix. All the while, Cipes’ reverb-soaked vocals effortlessly soar over the rich, western-inspired instrumentation, displaying both her vocal range and prowess. 

The song’s finale includes an epic guitar solo and triumphant swells of trumpets and horns, all of which make for a fitting end for such a memorable track.

“Once Upon A Dream” shows that The Oot n’ Oots can’t simply be pigeonholed as a band that makes music solely for children. This versatile group proves that their music has the power to reach people of all ages and backgrounds. Moreover, the band effortlessly produces music that allows children and their parents to connect and think big thoughts together, while also having a ton of fun.  

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