Nashville Nights: Local Natives Kick Off Spiral Choir Tour At Marathon Music Works

Not many bands can open their show with a stage dive, but Local Natives did just that. 

Their electric set at Marathon Music Works on Saturday brought music lovers of all ages to the kickoff of their Spiral Choir tour. Before the show, the crowd milled through the venue getting drinks and talking to friends before stagehands revealed the pillars on stage covered with song titles in every font imaginable.

Fans shouted and threw their hands up as they started the show with older songs from their discography. Rather than sticking to songs from their newest album, they played tracks from every record to the crowd’s delight.

No amount of jumping or dancing could phase any part of their airtight performance. Their uplifting harmonies shone especially bright through their high-energy set. Adding to the interest was the band’s ability to switch roles throughout the night, with each member testing out something different throughout the night. 

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The crowd later erupted at the familiar sound of cowbells signaling the start of their danceable single, “I Saw You Close Your Eyes.” Through this song and every other, every member showcased their extreme talent at their craft. 

On the outskirts of the audience, groups danced together and made sure their friends knew when it was time for their favorite song. The night felt like a joyful reunion of sorts, with the band giving shoutouts to students at the local colleges and talking about their favorite spots to get tacos.

Amid the heavy baselines and striking harmonies, the band created a lighthearted and expansive energy that swept the entire venue.

Before their bittersweet anthem for change, “Fountain of Youth,” the band explained that $1 from every ticket sold would go toward organizations in Nashville actively fighting gender discrimination and a culture of sexual assault. 

“This is our work, each generation gets to decide what we’ll be,” said vocalist and guitarist Taylor Rice. The crowd later cheered at the line mentioning “Mrs. President” in support of their cause. 

The colorful lights and fog kept the dynamic performance going, until they slowed things down for their song “Garden of Elysian.” Throughout the audience, couples held hands, swayed and laid on some light kisses.

Before a quick exit, the band gave sweet introductions to each other, showing just how close they are on and off the stage. They gave the last of their energy to their song “When Am I Gonna Lose You” before expressing their thanks and promising to come back.

The crowd was deafening at their return, which included a deeply personal song special to keyboardist Kelcey Ayer.

The show came to a close with a slower song that built up as it went on. The audience quickly volunteered themselves as background vocalists, with the house lights shining on their chorus of “ohhs”. 

The band came together for a final bow with earnest gratitude and nonstop smiles before exiting the stage, and concluding the first night of the rest of their tour.

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