Indie Pop Rockers Sweet Alibi Savor The Present On New Single ‘Slow Down’

Canadian quintet Sweet Alibi have been on the scene since emerging from Winnipeg in 2009, complementing their unique folk roots-pop infused sound with ethereal three-piece harmonies. The Western Canadian Music Award winners continue to bend genres, capable of anything from pop to soul to country music. 

Featuring Jess Rae Ayre, Amber Nielsen and Michelle Anderson, the trio of vocalists are joined by Alasdair Dunlop (bass) and Sandy Fernandez (drums). Sweet Alibi has received national recognition through Canada, having been featured on MTV Canada, CMT, and had several songs featured in the Top 20 of CBC Radio 2’s national charts. 

The group is currently working on their fourth studio album with producers Matt Peters and Matt Schelenberg of Royal Canoe. The album’s sound is said to be inspired by groups like The Alabama Shakes and Bahamas. 

Ahead of their fourth album, the group recently released their single, “Slow Down,” an anthem about savoring each day and taking advantage of what’s in the present. Highlighted by the strong singing of Ayre throughout the song, and the complementary harmonization of the vocalists during the chorus, this single feels like a daydream on a sunny afternoon.

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The rhythm section of Dunlop and Fernandez features simple playing but fantastic timing to accentuate the harmonizing vocals. The strumming of Anderson’s guitar adds the perfect tone to achieve the soft and serene sound of this single.

“Slow Down” is quite literally about slowing down and taking time to enjoy the present instead of looking towards the future or dwelling on the past. Ayre has resonating lines like, “We should stop and contemplate,” and, “Temporary pleasures evaporate,” that tell the listener to take it easy and enjoy today; a message that is more necessary now than ever in our social media-obsessed world. 

As they continue to expand the range of their music, look for Sweet Alibi to deliver more of their signature indie folk-pop sound as they come closer to the release of their fourth album.

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