In Retrospect: Top 5 November Releases By Nashville Women

Sure, November has brought earlier sunsets and probably the strangest Thanksgiving any of us has ever had– but it’s also brought some really bomb releases.

This month, the female musical experience was highlighted by the artists that know it best. This is a list of some of the best songs put out by women right here in Nashville this past month. 

So without further adieu, here we go!

5. Claudia B. – “Night Without You”

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From the first few seconds of Claudia B.’s “Night Without You,” you’re in. Kind of like a love child of Haim and Taylor Swift, this is a super soulful song with pop lyrics. The hook– “Never wanna wonder what it’s like to spend a night without you,” is simply said, painting a picture alongside its slow and steady bass line.

4. Alyssa Oliver “Lost in Time”

Alyssa Oliver brings the intensity in this one! The song, “Lost in Time,” is full of anticipation– as well as killer vocals and the coolest lyrics. “And even when all of our world shakes/ No distance can break what a heart makes,” is a line I’m sure all of us can relate to this year. It’s the most Sci-Fi sounding love song I’ve ever heard. Time travel or not, “Lost in Time,” really captures what it’s like to be in an entrancing love.  

3. Brooke Lyn “Depends on the Friend” 

“Depends on the Friend” is so much fun. Encapsulating the very real pit-in-your-stomach feeling a girl gets whenever a certain someone sends her a “what u doing?” text, Brooke Lyn explores the types of “friends” she’s with that will allow her to indulge. “And vodka’s saying leave him, whiskey’s saying stay/Gin is saying why not throw the whole boy away.” In other words, this country-pop song is the next addition to your “getting ready” playlist. 

2. Candace in Wonderland “Sign On (Love Looks Better on the Screen)”

Super vibey and sultry, “Sign On” is a classic breakup song– but without any of the longing and sadness. Just revenge. However, the revenge in the Candace in Wonderland song isn’t anywhere near Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats” level– it’s even more intense. She still has her ex’s username and password. And the best part– she has you rooting for her.   

1. Brittany Pfantz – “Fine By Me”

My #1 goes to “Fine by Me” by Brittany Pfantz. Incredibly emotional in both its lyrics and sudden buildup in the chorus, “Fine by Me’ is filled with so much soul. It’s practically spoken word put to music. With picturesque imagery, she punches with lines like “Punched a hole through the hourglass, tore the train right off the track cause I didn’t like where it was going.” Really capturing the essence of not really knowing where your life path is leading you, “Fine by Me” makes the sometimes dull sense of a lack of direction as intense and overpowering as it can sometimes make you feel.

Photo of Brittany Pfantz by Shervin Lainez Photography

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