Eclectic Husband & Wife Duo Loud Forest Release Harmonic New Single ‘Easy To Love’

Multi-genre duo Loud Forest has shown for the last five years the kind of creativity a strong relationship can bring into art.

The SoCal group is masterminded by husband-and-wife duo Bernard and Rachel Chadwick. The two met by chance in Costa Rica, and the serendipitous fairy tale meeting of the couple lends itself to their creative process, which has their relationship shining through like a beacon within their music. 

Bernard and Rachel also have a knack for jumping between genres. They’ve played everything from punk, to alt-rock, to synthpop, to Christmas music, and more. The two cut their teeth playing covers and writing together until the release of their self-titled album in May of 2017. Since then, the group has released two albums and a whopping sixteen singles. Their unique sound has been showcased on Apple and Spotify editorial playlists such as Breaking Alternative and Indie Radio

Their newest release, “Easy to Love” – which dropped on March 31st – shows the band going in yet another artistic direction, embracing the laid back acoustic sounds of Americana.

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The song starts with a light shuffling percussion and ghostly steel guitar fading in and out. When Rachel comes in to sing on the verse, two lush acoustic guitars develop the foundation under her vocals. The chorus sees two more voices joining Rachel in a most magnetic harmony. Bernard enters for the second verse, adding his voice to the sonic picture being painted, adding vocal versatility to the track.

The chorus speaks on the beautiful sentiment of what being in a relationship is like. Both the ups and downs are spotlighted with the lyrics, “It’s never been easy for me to love / My heart is hard / It’s not something that I’m proud of/ But I’m open to something if you ask me to.” Rachel’s powerful singing adds a lot of emotional weight to the overall sentiment of the song.

The ability to seamlessly dabble in any genre the duo pleases makes Loud Forest a fun and exciting group. This newest addition to their catalog further shows the creative strength these two have with each other.

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