Genre-Bending Prog Rockers Dopapod Release Visually Immersive Music Video For New Single ‘Think’

How could one manage authenticity in the face of adversity? Dopapod proclaims, “You should think for you.”

The prog-fusion rockers provide an eccentric visual compendium in the official music video for their new single, “Think,” where a dynamic array of blissful visuals, symmetry, and clear-hearted expression emerges. Introducing a refreshed and vibrant soundscape, “Think,” induces feelings of focus, drive, and introspection.

And Dopapod is not a newcomer to the scene.

Since forming at Berklee College Of Music in 2007, Dopapod—composed of Eli Winderman (keys and vocals), Rob Compa (guitar and vocals), Chuck Jones (bass), and Neal “Fro” Evans (drums), the band has made a name for themselves among the jam band circuit and festival scene. The band appeared on the 2015 Bonnaroo lineup and was cited by Rolling Stone as Bonnaroo’s “Best-Kept Secret” comparing them to Phish, Disco Biscuits and Frank Zappa.

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Dopapod has an extensive catalogue of music, with albums stretching a decade from 2009’s Radar to 2019’s Emit Time. With a steady stream of releases and singles, the band expresses its artistic endeavors with equilibrium, fluidity, and persistence. Within their unique and evolving soundscape, the band shows they are here to influence and inspire.

After a successful decade together, Dopapod went on a planned hiatus in 2018 with the goal of restoring balance to the band. Explained Winderman, “We have a fresh perspective on the whole thing—a different outlook on the band and on life. There’s a lot of renewed energy we’re feeling around it all.”

With an unquenchable thirst for tone, Dopapod effortlessly glides through a landscape rarely trekked by others. A blending and emergence of various genres like jazz, punk, and prog-rock surfaces while entrenched in the landscape. The seamless transition from jungle to a virtual reality encapsulates the video, where Dopapod displays their aspirations to evolve and evoke feeling.

“Think” catapults the listener into the immersive virtual landscape of shifting shapes, sounds, and facial expressions, and is a six-and-a-half minute sonic and visual expedition.

How does thought affect one’s life? How do ideas arise? How does individuality and true realization exist in our lives?  The experimentation and fluid composure of the band assures the listener there is always more to hear and see.

Dopapod is prepared to tour across the southeast, northeast, and Midwest America, and anticipate performing in Iceland next summer.

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