Frizzle Fried: Orlando’s Heavy Alt-Rock Trio Flagman Channels Primus Among Others In Latest Single & Music Video ‘Dummy’


When doing your research on the trio of musical madmen known as Flagman, you’ll find this quip plastered to their Mark Zuckerberg website page. And if this doesn’t instill intrigue, I don’t know what will.

It was their wild but brief (1:42 to be precise) adventure of a song and video, “Dummy,” that caught my attention and prompted the tapping of keys to create this article. As a Les Claypool and Primus fan, I was immediately smitten at their innate camcorder madness and bizzaro shotgun energy. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for a lot of someones.

The parallels of the pineapple-examining-clothed-bath-taking singer and Bill Moseley, aka Chop Top from the cult-classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 are astounding. The connection here, the little Easter egg if you will, is that Primus uses Chop Top’s line “Dog will hunt” in their classic “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” tune. You see, it all connects around here. Aside from Primus, Flagman also offers a taste of some System of a Down, Rush, and the like. Lots of prog-rock influence among other psychedelic and heavy soundscapes.

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The band, which consists of Sam Stewart, (vocals, bass) Grant Freeman, (drums), and Cody Singleton, (guitar, vocals) released their latest album, The Ladybug Dilemma, in October of last year at Castle Door Studios in Winter Park, Florida. This 7-track record offers a deep insight to just what Flagman is all about- unadulterated and oft-humorous sonic rock n’ roll exploration.

If you’re looking for that someone or something to carry the torch of our peculiar alt and prog-rock forefathers, Flagman holds it high and mighty. Those damned blue collar tweekers can’t keep these dudes down, and neither can anyone else.

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