Country Singer-Songwriter Shannon Hudson Professes Love For Family With New Heartfelt Single ‘Man Of Your Dreams’

If your guilty pleasure is that late-90s-early-2000s storytelling country music, then you’re going to fall head over heels for Shannon Hudson and his new single, “Man of Your Dreams”. 

The country and Americana singer-songwriter prides himself as a proud family man. To him, life is all about “the little things”: watching his son grow up, spending quality time with his wife and watching the sunset cascade across the Texan mountains in his backyard. His musical journey also began with the little things, from taking piano lessons in the fourth grade, to listening to classic rock ‘n’ roll with his family . . . and finally, taking a guitar his grandmother bought for him all the way to Germany during his sophomore year of college. 

More recently, Hudson’s music has become more personal and crowds have become more intimate. “When I play live music at a venue, which isn’t often, it’s usually myself and an acoustic guitar”, says Hudson. “Although my dogs get to hear me sing and play quite a bit.”

In his newest single, “Man of Your Dreams”, Hudson shares a deeply introspective point of view of how he wishes to be the most ideal version of himself for his wife and son. The idea came from the dreams that Hudson’s wife used to have about him being so hostile towards her that she would wake up angry with him. Hudson wrote “Man of Your Dreams” with a paradoxical meaning, saying that he never wants to be the man that he is in the nightmares that his wife has. This perspective jumps out in the very first verse with, “Heart filled with aching / Head filled with screams / I’m not the man of your dreams.”

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“This song is really a self-reflection of who I am to my family. None of us are perfect, and yet, we love each other deeply. Maybe that’s because we aren’t trying to be a dream, or something we aren’t,” says Hudson.

Hudson’s bright, rich vocals shine through with a touch of grit, while his vivid lyricism tug at the heartstrings. His voice intertwines seamlessly with the twang of his acoustic guitar, delivering a most endearing sound. Decorated with a melodious fiddle, subtle electric guitar, and a prominent drum kit, “Man of Your Dreams” embodies the nuances of Americana music that has captivated listeners for decades.

Despite his catchy hook in the chorus, let’s just say that Hudson doesn’t “come up short” with his newest release.

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