Los Angeles Indie Pop Songwriter Bower Releases Newest Single, ‘Queen of the Weekend’

Dreamy vibes, funky guitar riffs, and the tasteful sparkle of a synth-keyboard…these are the makings of veteran drummer, guitarist, bassist, and pianist, Bower.

The Miami native jump-started his journey into the musical world by playing for notable acts in the City of Angels. Along with another artist, Bower has opened for the likes of Taylor Swift, while playing with other notable artists such as Vance Joy, Amy Shark, and Jaymes Young. And now, Bower is more than ready to make his mark on the ever-changing music scene.

Whether you’re catching a wave or side-stepping puddles in the grey Nashville rain, the blend of Latin styles and New Orleans Jazz inherent in “Queen of the Weekend” is bound to get stuck in your head.

“Classic yet current,” as stated in Bowerxo.com, beautifully encapsulates Bower’s kaleidoscopic sound. Reminiscent of new-age funk with lyrics that cut, “Queen of the Weekend,” tastefully approaches the storytelling of the girl we love to hate with a disco-take on the conceited character central to his song. 

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Stay tuned to hear more about Bower’s creative process and plans for this year, from “Queen of the Weekend” to his soon-to-be-complete EP.

Who:  Bower

What: “Queen of The Weekend”

When: Friday, Jan. 24th

About the Release: “Queen of the Weekend,” is my most fun song to date. It’s really funky and upbeat which I’ve been wanting to lean into more since my first EP.

I think the lyrics have just the right amount of lighthearted cynicism and the story of the ferocious party girl that everyone loves to hate is something people will enjoy.

I recorded it with a good friend and great producer Sam Woodbury who really helped me capture that classic Nile Rodgers vibe. I’ve been performing the song at shows for about a year and everyone always asks where they can listen to it so I’m really excited for it to finally be out there.  

What’s Next: After releasing “Queen of the Weekend,” I’m focusing on finishing the rest of my next EP. Most of the songs are done, but it still needs to be mixed. I’m hoping I can release it by late spring or early summer. It always takes longer than I expect but that’s the goal. 

If I Could Collaborate With Any Artist, It’d Be: Kanye West. I’m not sure what the hell we would make and I love that. His approach to music is so raw and free. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone so passionate. I don’t love everything he does, but it’s always interesting and I imagine it would be an experience I’d never forget.   

Favorite Part About Living in LA: I love the nature. I’m very active and outdoor oriented. Whether it’s hiking in Griffith Park, surfing in Malibu, snowboarding in Big Bear, or camping in Joshua Tree, Los Angeles offers more in such a close proximity than anywhere I’ve ever been, all while still being an international city with a huge music industry. It’s really one of a kind. 

Least Favorite Part About Living in LA: The traffic!

My Three Records on a Desert Island: This is by far the most difficult question and it’s hard to separate the classics from what I’m currently loving. I’ll go with Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys, Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder, and Malibu by Anderson .Paak. Also, can I bring a surfboard?

Musical Pet Peeve: I’m not a fan of music that doesn’t sound intuitive. I don’t mind if songs are technical/complicated but I don’t like when it’s just for the sake of it, and doesn’t just instinctually feel and sound good. 

If I Wasn’t a Musician I’d Be A: I’d most likely be a teacher. I love working with kids and I got my bachelor’s degree in Social Science Education. I decided pretty quickly that I would regret not pursuing music professionally so that was that.

Also, teachers are so undervalued in our society and that drove me away as well. Shoutout to the ones that keep showing up every day for their kids!   

First Thing I’ll Do When I Hit The Big Time: Go to Disney World! No, just kidding. I honestly love working, so I’d just keep doing the same thing I do now, which is mostly writing, recording, and touring. The difference would be not having to worry about how I’m going to afford rent so that would be nice.   

Something People Don’t Know About Me: I’m a vegetarian. I’ve been eating a mostly plant-based diet since I was 15 years old. It’s not something I’ve really shared through my music, but it’s definitely something I care a lot about.  

I Define Musical Success As: I’ve always said I’d be satisfied if I could support myself by only doing music for a living. Technically I’ve been doing that since I graduated from college and I’m grateful for the life I’ve had, but after starting my own project a couple years ago, I think my definition of success has changed.

I really want to release at least one record that connects with listeners on a personal level. For me, there’s a difference between a song I really like and one that affects me on a deeper emotional level.

Making the music that has that kind of impact is what I would define as success. 

Closing Words: I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of meaningful experiences on my musical journey, but it still feels like I’m just getting started and that’s a really exciting place to be. After spending years playing and touring for other artists, I’m really happy to be focusing more on my own music and message. I’m looking forward to how it all unfolds.

Also, eat more vegetables! 

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