Australian Indie Bedroom Pop Artist Hauskey Delivers Dreamy New Single In ‘Cream Shirt’

Mixing cosmic sounds and easygoing pop to make an impact on listeners is what Australian indie pop artist Hauskey seems to do best.

There were many steps that vocalist and producer Hauskey took in order to place himself in the realm of creating dreamy bedroom pop music. Hauskey, from Perth, Australia, found his love for music in his adolescence when he discovered the smooth jazz of John Coltrane. At just thirteen-years-old, he began writing songs of his own and eventually he turned to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts to pursue an education in music. He was inspired to create a music school of his own when he found money to be tight, but he realized in the midst of running a music school that teaching was not his passion. He then decided to go back to his first love, which was writing and producing music.

Fascinated by the music scene in London, he packed his bags and decided to explore his career in music in the city. After a stint of booking gigs in London, he found little satisfaction in the hectic schedule of working and performing and went back to Australia to rediscover his creative roots. Finding his early teenage writing to be frivolous, he refocused on what message he wanted his music to portray and set his sights on creating music with dreamy sounds and catchy beats.

It doesn’t take much to become fully immersed in Hauskey’s songs. The recurring theme of his current sound is easy-listening indie pop music, and the mellow and synth-driven sounds that he draws inspiration from are ever present in his new single, “Cream Shirt,” which was released on May 20th.

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The single is Hauskey’s second release of this year, and it portrays a more sentimental side of the artist’s work. Both the lyrics and the sound work together to embody a personal and touching story while keeping the song both catchy and easygoing in nature. Lyrically, the single touches on being reminiscent about intimate and nostalgic moments with someone you care deeply for, and it makes the listener yearn for the simpler and easier times. The combination of the song’s fluid beat and his smooth vocals emphasizes the feeling of being in love with a moment and truly wanting to live in it forever.

Hauskey stays true to dreamy sounds and personal experiences throughout “Cream Shirt,” and the future looks bright for this talented musician and songwriter.

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