An Interview & Introspective With Michigan Country Music Hall of Famer, Actor, & Performer Dave Caley

From Blackpool, England, to Kalamazoo, Michigan, singer and performer Dave Caley has amassed quite a resume in his entertainment career.

Caley has recorded nearly 100 songs in is tenure, and has a very active YouTube channel with numerous music videos of his. It is entirely possible that he is the only member of both the Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame (who knew there was one?) as well as the South African Country Music Hall of Fame. That is a very unique combination, to say the least. Oh, and he’s also an actor with credits including Office Christmas Party, Chicago PD, Empire, and more.

Most recently, Caley released a cover of Journey’s “Faithfully,” along with an accompanying music video. Under the channel Video Express via Wildhorse Entertainment, Caley has released other covers including “Stand By Me,” and a number of other contemporary country songs with almost a Christian-like sheen behind them.

We had the chance to shoot some questions Caley’s way to learn more about his unique and active enterainment career.

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Can you talk about who or what got you into a life and career of music?

Well I’m not songwriter, but I actually got interested in playing the fiddle initially. Doug Kershaw was a big influence. I had a lot of fun with that playing many shows.

How old were you when you left Blackpool, England, and do you make it back to visit?

I was just a baby when my mom and I came from Blackpool, England to the U.S. We came over on the Queen Mary. I went back once when I was 13.

What was it like growing up in Kalamazoo, Michigan? Was there much of a music/arts scene?

Kalamazoo is a neat town. It’s a college town. I did many shows there. There are a lot of good musicians and music is all over. It’s a great town to grow up in. My last video, “20 Years Ago,” featured Kalamazoo.

Can you talk about what it was like to get inducted into the Michigan Country Songwriter Hall of Fame and the South African Hall of Fame and how that process was?

It was a big deal getting put in the Michigan Hall of Fame. I was doing some shows in Upper Michigan, and one of the other entertainers asked me If I would like to be nominated for induction into the Hall. A year later, I was inducted. South Africa was a big surprise. I didn’t even know they had one. Country music is really popular there.

Who were some of your musical idols and influences growing up?

I love doing remakes and bringing old classics to new ears. I have done many, and put most into videos. Doug Kershaw was the one that got me started. Earl Thomas Conley, Rodney Crowell, and Chuck Berry were big influences too.

Do you have any new music on the horizon?

I will have a new release in August, and I will also release my first Christmas song this year.

Other than music, how else does Dave Caley spend his time?

We spend as much family time as possible with grand kids and kids.

How did you get involved in the acting world, and what were some of your more notable shows/movies you worked on?

I’ve been in three different movies. Office Christmas Party, Widows, and a short called Three Minutes, where I was killed in a movie theater. I have been in Chicago PD, Empire, Fatal Attraction, and Snapped. I’ve played a detective several times. I just started auditioning in Chicago, and it started from there. I’ve worked in Nashville, Knoxville, North Carolina, and Indiana. In Chicago it seems like I’m always doing an audition or recording. I’ve also done several commercials.

You’ve worked with a number of notable artists over the years. What have been some of your milestone moments of your career you reflect back on most fondly?

I’ve worked on events with many artists including Tammy Wynette- a very nice lady. My last show was with Brad Paisley. I’ve headlined two huge air shows, one with The Blue Angels and one with The Thunderbirds.


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