Acclaimed Swedish Singer-Songwriter Andreas Moe Releases New EP With ‘All Our Worries Are Poems- Pt.1’

While we were all learning to bake, bingeing Tiger King, and wondering if we were lost in The Twilight Zone, Andreas Moe was busy at work on a pandemic-EP-masterpiece, writing and producing the tracks from home.

A sought-out collaborator and celebrated songwriter, Moe has done it all. From opening for John Mayer’s The Search for Everything Tour, to being part of the Avicii tribute concert in Stockholm, the Swedish artist has established himself among some of the industry’s biggest names. While much of Moe’s work has been writing songs for others, he has most recently blessed our ears with the release of his own music.

Throughout COVID-19 related lockdowns, Moe wrote and recorded the tracks on All Our Worries Are Poems – Pt. 1, which was released May 28th. The four-track EP is acoustic indie-pop gold, highlighting Moe’s breathtaking voice. Accompanied by guitar, he has crafted each song uniquely, while creating an overarching sound for the EP. Described by Moe as songs that most genuinely reflect who he is, and who he wants to be as an artist, the amount of heart poured into the project is clear from start to finish. 

Moe’s lead single off the EP, “Wholeheartedly”, is emotive, while keeping the tenderness of the lyrics and vocals intact. Stacked harmonies, electric guitar solos, and a bluesy-Americana guitar are just the elements at the front of the sound; surrounding them are synth pads and layers of percussion, which make the song complete. Moe’s composition is complex and full, but does not overwhelm the ears – it actually does the opposite. Soothing and bright, “Wholeheartedly” is a standout single that gets stuck in your head right away. 

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Along with the release of “Wholeheartedly,” Moe created a lyric video for the single. The video is simple, but watching the musician perform the song along with the lyrics on the screen sets it apart from the typical lyric video. It also shows just how much Moe has put into the song, his emotions and passion on full display throughout the video.

It is important to note that in addition to “Wholeheartedly,” the three other songs on the EP are equally fantastic. “Rise & Fall” is bright and utilizes Moe’s upper vocal register to its full extent over chords that are reminiscent of Radiohead’s acoustic pieces, creating beautiful vocal and instrumental suspension throughout the song.

Unlike the dreamy sound of “Rise & Fall,” “Hey Lulu,” is a perfect summer song, with its lightness and danceability; if nothing else, the endearing lyrics put a smile on your face until the end of the song. “Holding On” has a bit more drive than the other two songs, with the palm-muted strumming and clapping percussion. Incorporating elements of electronic music throughout, “Holding On” is not only uplifting, but a fun listen. 

All Our Worries Are Poems – Pt. 1 is like the light at the end of a year-long tunnel; the bright, heartwarming EP has been given to us at a time where the slow return to normal is a cause for joy. As the start of an era focused on authenticity for Moe, these four songs could not have been a better start – and we’re excited to see what comes next.

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