A Worthy Cause: Musicians For Overdose Prevention Hosts Protest Concert In Baltimore To Raise Narcan Awareness

Fighting and raising awareness for a life-saving drug, the Musicians for Overdose Prevention (MOP) recently held a protest show in Baltimore, Maryland, outside of Emerging BioSolutions. MOP is a nonprofit company started by musicians for musicians to help spread awareness, stop stigmas, and lower the prices of Narcan (also known as naloxone).

MOP paired with Long Live GoGo, the Center 4 Artistic Activism, and other musicians and harm reduction advocates to raise their voices, and threw a concert outside the Narcan manufacturer, Emerging BioSolutions, as a protest for lower cost and greater availability of the much needed overdose-reversal medication. 

The empowering concert featured many punk rock acts and a go-go show. MOP hopes to live in a world where musicians and independent venues of all kinds carry this drug so they can potentially save a life, and this can only happen if the exorbitant cost is lowered.

Narcan is a harmless opioid-blocker and prevents people in America from dying from a drug overdose. However, it is inaccessible to those of a lower income and one group in particular: independent musicians. The mission of MOP is to get this to be more affordable – and more accessible – so it can be as common as an EpiPen or a Defibrillator. 

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#NoProfitForNarcan is a hashtag started by Musicians for Overdose Prevention to educate others about how the drug company made hundreds of millions of dollars off of selling Narcan in last year’s sales alone. 

You can learn more and donate to MOP on their website to support their righteous cause.

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