A Look At Indie Rock Songwriter & Lifehouse Frontman Jason Wade & His New Single ‘Polaroids’

Showing the warm feelings and velvety textures of indie pop-rock music, singer-songwriter Jason Wade has recently released his newest single, “Polaroids.”

Having seen commercial success in the early aughts with Lifehouse, (“Hanging By a Moment” / “You and Me”) Wade has since been affixed in the music industry, experimenting and refining his sound throughout the years.

It’s been clear since his early years that he isn’t afraid to make his music too personal and vulnerable, showing his audience what he’s made of. Some of his songs are distinctive to his life, and some are about others close to him, but each song of his takes you on a melodious adventure chock full of meaning. 

But his solo material in recent years is not like his Lifehouse material.

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With influences like Jeff Tweedy and Gregory Alan Isakov, Wade noticebaly takes a page out of their respective books in the new single. From the jump, “Polaroids” offers enticing guitar melodies and concise harmonies, making the song feel buoyant and magnetic. The instrumentation within the single encompass a vintage feel, but with a modern, resonating twist.

With lyrics like, “There’s no one in this world who knows me better / The parts of me that only you could love / And if we lose it all we have each other / And no one can ever take that from us,” he dives deep into a long journey of love, symbolizing it through Polaroids of their moments together. 

With a memorable and sticky hook throughout the song, it draws you in with it’s stellar production and feel-good sound. Throughout the past few years, Wade’s taken advantage of opportunities to write and record songs that he’s truly excited about and proud of. Having moments to take his time and experiment with different sounds, lyrics, and chords is what he does best with no agenda or boundaries. He also decided to release one song every week from past songs he’s written, but never found a home for on albums. 

Toting these songs for years, Wade is eager to show his audience what he’s had in store for so long. He says, “Writing and sharing music has been a life-long adventure, and I’ve been fortunate to have so many wonderful fans who’ve been along for the ride.”

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