A Look At French Blues Rock Guitarist Phil Manca & His Live Version Of The Beatles’ ‘Yer Blues’

Phil Manca has been active in the French music scene for decades, most notably contributing to the New Age group Era and their self-titled album as one of their earliest guitarists.

More recently, the Paris-born rocker released a live cover version of The Beatles’ gritty deep track, “Yer Blues” after the song initially debuted on his album Signs

Since parting ways with Era, Manca has traversed a variety of genres, exploring his range from metal to blues-rock with New Age elements sprinkled in here and there. After the release of his debut album, Signs, Manca has continued experimenting with this heavy monolith of sound, achieving a unique blend of raw energy and traditional noises. 

Manca’s cover of “Yer Blues” is slightly more uptempo and is more reminiscent of that classic Delta Blues sound than The Beatles’ version. He steals the spotlight with a masterful guitar solo that differs from the original George Harrison-led shred. Conventional blues fans should definitely tune into this cover to hear the unforgettable wailing of his Les Paul.

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Manca received help on this cover from David Jacob (bass), Josselin “JJ”Jobard (vocals & keyboard) and Eric Lafont (drums). This group consists of his main collaborators for the entire Signs album, with Manca himself handling the production side of the project.

Fully illustrating his range as a guitarist, and an expert bluesman, Manca’s cover of “Yer Blues” is a must listen for fans of the original song. Adding in some fun new wrinkles while maintaining the classic sound and structure of the song, Manca has done The Fab Four justice through this thoughtful and expertly crafted cover of one of their endless hit songs.

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