A Look At Explosive Liverpool Garage Rockers Little Triggers & Their Latest Single ‘High Time’

Liverpool-based duo Little Triggers unleash a no-nonsense garage rock zinger in their new single, “High Time.”

The new track is a non-stop barrage of meaty guitar chords and frenetic drums. With elements of the heavy rock and metal sounds of the 1970s, stoner rock, and a healthy dose of garage-punk, “High Time” ends up sounding like a mix of the retro-metal sounds of Wolfmother and the garage-rock dynamism of Royal Blood. 

From the second “High Time” blasts off, you are hit by a wall of fuzzed out, distorted guitars effortlessly spitting out sinister, bluesy riffs.

Singer and guitarist Tom Hamilton’s vocals soar and cut through the dense, distorted mix, and a grinding bass that sounds like it’s on the verge of combusting lends the track an irresistible punk energy. Meanwhile, drummer Jay Radcliffe’s precise, unrelenting drums pound away, giving the track a raw, palpable vibe that is sure to have fans throwing hands in the pit. 

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The band, which started off as a four-piece, was immediately turning heads following the release of their first single off of their debut album, “So Fine,” which has amassed over 50k Spotify streams since its release in 2019.

After touring throughout Europe, two of the group’s members decided to split ways. Hamilton and Radcliffe were determined to keep the band alive, however, and decided to continue as a two-piece, which has seemingly not slow slowed them down. 

Ever since then, the duo has continued to garner fans with their intense and dynamic live shows. Their singles have also been featured on Planet Rock, Total Rock and BBC Introducing Radio, and have been featured on Spotify’s  All New Rock and Rock The World official playlists. 

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