A Look At British Americana Singer-Songwriter Jack Francis & His Single ‘Silver Lining’

I’ve been moving on, but lately I’ve been finding that it’s hard for me to see the silver lining.

This is one of the poignant lines in old soul and British Americana songwriter Jack Francis’ recent single, “Silver Lining.” In just over a year, Francis has gone from playing local hometown gigs, to attending substantial festivals in the UK. He is an upcoming and exciting UK Americana singer alongside artists such as Jade Bird, Ferris & Sylvester and Yola. 

Francis’ recent singles show his authentic self with influences of folk and rock, but putting his own spin on it. His most played single on Spotify, “A Little Love”, shows his heartfelt lyrics and genuine vocals all while staying true to his heritage. 

It’s clear that Francis puts in lots of details in his work. With his unique arrangements, emotional lyrics, and spanning vocal range, it doesn’t take much to get drawn in. When creating music, he says for him, “it is most about connecting with people. If you write a song that can help someone through a hard time, or help them enjoy a good time, then that’s what truly speaks to them.” 

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The Americana singer-songwriter certainly embodies one of those hard times in his newest single, “Silver Lining.”

From the moment the song starts, it shines a feeling of optimism within the acoustic and electric instrumentation, but it’s when his vocals come in that you find out he is going through something difficult. With resonating lyrics like, “For some others, the sun is always shining, but it’s hard for me to see the silver lining,” Francis creates a message for listeners that life sometimes goes the way you least expect it, but life keeps going. Because of the more upbeat rhythm and instrumentation, the single leaves you with a feeling of positivity, despite its more dismal nature lyrically.

Francis says, “the song itself is a lighthearted rant about trying to get by as a musician and a person in today’s world.” Despite the pandemic taking its toll, this didn’t hold him back from making his art in creative ways. He and his team were still able to create a music video for the single, which sparked a creative idea to use animations which can be see on his Youtube page.

Southampton Music Magazine described his musical anthems and style as, “Hauntingly wonderful acoustic tunes tinged in old school Americana.” Although he has been a disciple of music all of his life, he first picked up the guitar around 13, then tried his hand at songwriting a few years later. As far as songwriting inspirations go, he says he admires acts such as Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Carole King and The Beatles. 

Francis has no plans to slow down doing what he loves, and is currently working on releasing his self-titled debut album in the fall of this year. Along with his debut album, he’s also slated to appear on tour with Ferris & Sylvester around the UK. Needless to say, along with the rest of the music-making world, he’s ready to get back in the saddle.

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