Steph Green Brings Melancholic Tranquility On New Single ‘Hold Me Under’

Specializing in songs that feels like a lonely world being illuminated by strangeness and beauty, Canadian-bred indie singer-songwriter Steph Green delivers her latest iteration in the form of her new single, “Hold Me Under.”

The song’s title, “Hold Me Under,” is a poignant metaphor for the overwhelming waves of emotion that crash over us at times, threatening to pull us into the depths of our own feelings. The sound is that of somberness and melancholy, but it also offers a sense of serenity and tranquility. It’s easy on the ears, and soft on the soul.

The single is her third from her second album, Lore, which serves as “a series of vignettes that immerse the listener in dreams and nightmares of the West.”

Green’s musical style is a unique blend of indie pop and folk, but like all quality music, it can’t be so easily pigeonholed. Her songwriting is imbued with a sense of timelessness and depth, drawing inspiration from the classics while remaining refreshingly contemporary. Every instrument, from the gentle piano to the haunting strings, is layered to build a crescendo of emotion that envelops the listener. 

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“Hold Me Under”

Her gentle voice delivers the opening lyrics, “Every time I go down to the lake you see / You know he’s always out there / You know he speaks to me / ‘Hold me under’, he says,” painting a vivid if not metaphorically macabre picture, immediately reeling the listener in.

Green’s upcoming album, Lore, was recorded and produced at her home, on a borrowed 16-track reel-to-reel, creating a sound that is vintage and authentic. She embarked on the recording journey as a largely solitary endeavor, embracing the freedom to explore uncharted musical territories. Nevertheless, she called upon her trusted collaborator, Duff Thompson, to join her on bass and drums, solidifying the rhythmic foundation of her compositions. 

Set to release on October 20th via Mashed Potato Records, Lore will emerge as a rugged and untamed tribute, paying homage to both a tangible reality and an imaginative dreamscape.

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