New Release Roundup: The Lightning Struck, Mylie Taylor, august brodie, & Maya Blue

The Lightning Struck

Indie Folk / Post-Punk


Originally from Toronto, The Lightning Struck exudes a musical vibe reminiscent of New York City’s Lower East Side roughly from ‘69 to ‘91. Through their music, listeners get transported to the echoes of iconic bands like the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, and Television. 

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In the year 2000, Loren Davie moved to The Big Apple, inspired by the sounds of the Velvet Underground and Nico’s album. Over two decades of musical evolution in the city, Davie honed his craft, immersing himself in the city’s eclectic musical landscape. Then, in a transformative twist of fate, he returned to Toronto, bringing with him the unmistakable essence of the New York sound.

Their new single, “Inbetweening,” a gentle folksy and delicately percussive track, captures those fleeting moments that unfold between what we typically perceive as significant events —moments of traversing from one place to another, and periods of anticipation. These interludes often occur in solitude, and within them, a profound journey of self-reflection unfolds — a space where we grant ourselves the liberty to ponder the true meaning of things.


Mylie Taylor

Pop / Modern Rock

“Better Yet”

Mylie Taylor, a 20-year-old pop-rock artist rooted in Toronto, finds her muse within the gritty, alternative world of 90’s grunge rock. Through her songwriting, she fearlessly illuminates the shadowy facets of existence, consistently weaving a central theme of mental health into her compositions. 

In an unflinching manner, she opens up the most intimate corners of her soul, broaching subjects that society tends to shy away from — the struggles of mental illness, the gripping clutches of addiction, and the enigma of death itself.

On her new single, “Better Yet,” the songstress rifles through an array of dark feelings with lines like, “Wish I didn’t hate getting older / So many didn’t get the chance,” surrounding the song with the struggles of mental health. She manages to capture the angst and uncertainty so many young people deal with as they navigate the changing world around them.

“Better Yet”

august brodie

Pop Punk

“Sofa King Lonely”

Creating music in the back of an ambulance during the wee hours of his EMT night shifts, the pop-punk-pretty-boy august brodie is driven by an unshakable purpose: to escape the confines of his small Thunder Bay, ON, hometown and claim his rightful place on a stage that beckons to him. 

With a musical style dubbed “the new nostalgia,” brodie effortlessly traverses the realms of emo, pop, and punk while even veering “off course” into the world of hip-hop.

With more than a few million streams and an MTV video premiere already etched into his portfolio, brodie stands at the precipice of his exciting journey with Wax Records. And his latest track, “Sofa King Lonely,” exposes his most vulnerable self yet. 

Written, recorded, and produced within a four-hour time frame, mere moments before his flight to Toronto, the song was a canvas for his unfiltered emotions. In this raw expression, he achieved his cherished aspiration of leaving his hometown behind and embracing the uncharted road ahead- which looks promising for the up and coming songwriter.

“Sofa King Lonely”

Maya Blue



The relatively new-to-the-scene rock band Maya Blue has already engrained themselves in the Greater Toronto scene, as their well-received 2021 debut self-titled EP helped propel them into the know.

The band’s new LP, Trouble in Mind, hit streaming services September 1st, and draws inspiration from a diverse musical palette, including rock, blues, indie pop, and Canadian music as a whole. The trio of Nick DePaul (guitar/vocals), Tyler Pasta (drums), and Derek Osborne (bass) weave these influences with unique rhythms and epic guitar harmonies, creating a sound of their own.

Produced by Aidan Robson at the iconic Catherine North Studios, this rock ‘n roll record kicks off with the heavy duty track, “Hey.” The song exudes the raw energy of 70s-era hard rock, unleashing a torrent of bluesy rock riffs that spark the fire that is Trouble in Mind.


Featured photo: The Lightning Struck

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