New Release Roundup: Sydney Mae, Daniel Isaiah, OurGlassZoo, & Andrea England

Sydney Mae



Garnering international acclaim for her magnetic storytelling and strong vocals, Calgary-based pop artist Sydney Mae continues to stake her claim as a rising indie pop singer-songwriter.

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Her latest EP, Rhythm, is meticulously crafted, delving into the themes of self-compassion and resilience, and this is prominently displayed in the titular and final track. Mae explains, “Each of these songs was written from a lesson that brought me a little bit closer to finding and honoring a deeper connection (or rhythm) with myself before anyone or anything else.”

Reflecting on her creative and musical journey, Mae states, “My music has always come from a place of deep self-awareness and learning. There’s something within me that is desperate to explore the human experience, and when others see themselves in my lyrics, it’s truly still a bizarre experience. I have a mountain of gratitude for that special connection.” And on her new EP, these deep-rooted feelings are expressed beautifully.


Daniel Isaiah

“Wild Life”

Indie, Folk

Described as “breathtaking” by American Songwriter, multi-faceted indie folk songwriter Daniel Isaiah has been captivating audiences with his distinctive vocals, and guitar and piano performances. The songwriter received accolades as he ascended to the #1 spot on Canadian campus airwaves, earned “Track of the Week” from The Globe and Mail, and saw consistent airplay on CBC Radio 3.

His new single, “Wild Life,” embodies a life dedicated to one’s true calling, as is the case for Isaiah in the realm of music. It also possesses a profound layer that speaks to the way our daily existence is disrupted by distractions that hinder us from living authentically, delaying our journey toward the realization of our true selves.

He does this through mellow, airy indie folk instrumentation with sweeping steel guitar melodies and lullaby-like vocals that leaves listeners in a state of wonder.

“Wild Life”


Free” (Remix feat. KutMasta Kurt, Moka Only & Prevail)


Bringing a fresh musical experience to fans by blending synth-pop, hip hop, and electro-rock, Vancouver-based group OurGlassZoo continues to kick out the jams with their newest single and remix, “Free.”

In 2022, the group released their album Aftermath, which showcased the standout single “Free,” a collaborative effort with the JUNO-award-winning hip-hop artist, Prevail. The notable track was remixed by producer KutMasta Kurt, who has worked with iconic acts like Linkin Park and the Beastie Boys, and features hip-hop artist Moka Only.

This star-studded ensemble delivers a sticky and resonating free-flowing energy on the “Free Remix,” a composition adorned with an alluring hook, a nostalgic ambiance, and a potent message. It champions equality, encouraging listeners to liberate themselves from stereotypes and stride forward as a united front.

“Free” (Kutmasta Kurt Remix)

Andrea England


Singer-Songwriter Pop, Folk

Known as the driving force behind the beloved songwriter circle concert series Four Chords and the Truth, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Andrea England has released her ambient 7-track EP, Evidence of Love, which was produced by JUNO Award-winning artist Hill Kourkoutis.

The award-winning Nova Scotia artist, Carleton Stone lends his voice on the lead single, “Halifax,” a composition that delves into the complex emotions stemming from living far from one’s place of origin.

“I started my life and artist career in Halifax, and my time there influenced a big part of who I am as a woman and songwriter,” England explains. “It’s a nostalgic song about a lost love forever connected to a place and a time – and to write it, I drew upon my first real heartbreak – one that literally led me to leave a city I loved.”

Her compositions have been brought to life by a diverse array of artists, including Meghan Patrick, Don Amero, and even former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. On Evidence of Love, England showcases her unique and powerful lyrical craft and ability to draw in an array of listeners.


Featured photo: Sydney Mae

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