New Release Roundup: Michele Stodart, Astral Swans, Rachael Bawn, & JAXXEE

Michele Stodart

Folk, Singer-Songwriter

“Push & Pull”

A seasoned songwriter and performer, Michele Stodart has been busy in the music scene for years now, and she’s not slowing down any time soon. Born in Trinidad, raised in Queens, New York, and currently based in London, she has spent a large part of her life absorbing an array of various types of music and culture. She has performed as a bassist, vocalist, and co-songwriter in the band The Magic Numbers, who have released five studio albums, which earned them numerous awards and nominations.

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On September 15th, she released her third solo studio album, Invitation. The record’s last single, “Push & Pull,” details the experience of motherhood and the responsibilities and challenges surrounding it. The song’s title is a play on words; there’s always a rhythmic push and pull when playing music, and in life, this same push and pull is replicated emotionally when we’re overwhelmed and being pulled in so many different directions.

For fans of artists like Lucinda Williams and Martha Wainwright, Stodart’s “Push & Pull” might just be for you.

“Push & Pull”

Astral Swans


“Shine The Light Inside (feat. Jairus Sharif)”

Matthew Swann—the talent behind Astral Swans—participated in the Artists in Residence Inn summer residency in Calgary last summer, sharpening his craft and coming out on the other side with inventive new songs. Along with two other artists, he moved into the Residence Inn to spend time returning to his roots and making simple bedroom recordings to work with.

The resulting songs were inspired by the reality of capitalism in today’s world. “Shine The Light Inside” — which features Jairus Sharif — released on September 13th, details the story of a billionaire’s rocket failing and going off course, AI, self-help books, and an algorithm to write the lyrics. Talk about modern situations.

Astral Swans’ “Shine The Light Inside” is an endearing track that fits snug in a playlist of the likes of Alex G, Big Thief, and acts of the same variety.

“Shine The Light Inside”

Rachael Bawn



We all know how toxic social media can be. That’s why, with the help of songwriter Rosanne Baker Thornley and producer Ben Pelchat, singer-songwriter Rachael Bawn has put her feelings on the matter into a poignant song.

This groovy tune urges its listeners to realize that social media is far from reality, and to have the courage to push through life’s many challenges. With its powerful lyrics and smooth, skillful vocals, fans of artists like Kelly Clarkson and Tori Kelly are sure to enjoy the vibe behind “Snapshot.”

Raised in Hopeville, Ontario, Bawn honed her skills as a songwriter at a young age, and discovered that she longed to help other young women through her music. Today, the same sentiment applies, as Bawn stays true to her message with songs like “Snapshot.”



Soul, Blues

“so tired”

JAXXEE, otherwise known as Jaclyn Hull, released her resonating new single “so tired” on September 13th.

This soulful, passionate song takes a deep dive into the experience of reflecting on ourselves and our lives late at night, feeling like we are not enough. JAXXEE’s vocals are incredibly raw, sultry, and powerful, and together with producer Neil James Cooke-Dallin, she managed to create a song that reflects that same power of her voice into its message. 

Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, JAXXEE seamlessly blends the different genres she grew up around such as R&B, soul, jazz, and blues. Her sound, reminiscent of artists like Melissa Payne, Emily MacLellan, and Heidi Meier, captivates listeners with its sheer emotion and timelessness.

“so tired”

Featured photo: Michele Stodart

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