New Release Roundup: LTtheMonk, The Man Who, Kelle, & HILOTRONS


Hip Hop

“Pepsi Challenge”

Originally from London, hip hop and pop artist LTtheMonk has embarked on a musical odyssey shaped by a diverse range of influences, setting him on a path toward artistic self-realization. He aims to fuse dance music with hip-hop and pop, creating a magnetic groove all his own.

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Stumbling upon a podcast series about the “Cola Wars” of the 70s and 80s sparked his contemplation on how the presence of ego could unravel the fabric of partnership. This led to the birth of his new track, “Pepsi Challenge.”

The use of the clever metaphor of Coke and Pepsi as a power couple in his song “Pepsi Challenge” adds a playful twist to its underlying theme of competition versus collaboration in relationships. It highlights the potential for a far stronger and enduring bond when partners choose to combine their strengths rather than vie against each other.

“Pepsi Challenge”

The Man Who



Having amassed an impressive 45 million global streams thus far, The Man Who has demonstrated that their fusion of rock and pop anthems is a resounding addition to today’s boundary-pushing musical landscape. 

Landing syncs with ESPN College Football, MLB, and Hockey Night In Canada, The Man Who’s anthemic sound has infiltrated the backdrop of the North American sports scene. Their compositions have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of the airwaves of alternative rock radio.

On June 30th, The Man Who paid homage to one of the best in the 90s alt-rock sphere with their cover of The Cranberries’ hit song “Dreams.” With a bit of a darker spin, the band delivers a most welcomed cover of an iconic song.

“An extraordinary song possesses the power to transcend the confines of time and space. ‘Dreams’ is undeniably one of those songs, and imbuing it with our own unique and introspective twist proved to be a cathartic experience,” the band says.



Pop / R&B


Kelle grew up feeling naturally drawn to music through stories of her father’s band in Australia, and the sound of the constant hum of his guitar. She draws inspiration from all things pop culture, having come to age in the late 90s/early 2000s.

Her latest song, “Tampa,” is a reflection of how she processes pain, embracing the trope of the scorned woman and offering support and sympathy instead of shame.

In a period of her life filled with a tumultuous array of emotions, she often found herself caught between the intersection of anger and shame. Instead of allowing this volatile mixture to consume her, Kelle harnesses it as a catalyst to her emotionally-driven music.

By dramatizing heavy feelings, Kelle finds joy, humor and celebration in her music, which is not only a reflection of her personal experiences, but also an expression of a universal truth lived by women.



Experimental / Indie

“Lonely Cinema (Omission of Sin)”

Since 2001, Mike Dubue has been creating music under the pseudonym HILOTRONS, while also working as a producer and recording artist for other musicians like The Sadies, Ian Tamblyn, and Timber Timbre. 

Dubue’s music is inspired by film scores of the 1960s and 70s, which is evident in his latest release, “Lonely Cinema (Omission of Sin).” The track is a 19-minute fantasia composed of four movements, with the third movement as a separate song cycle in two parts. This piece is the fourth addition in a series that HILOTRONS released in 2020 and 2021, following “Lonely Cinema I & II” and the EP Suicide Kingdom.

The music in his latest project is a pensive blend of twangy western-style guitars and an orchestra of synthesizers. He weaves together complex arrangements and soundscapes built on funk and rock rhythms that serve up ethereal melodies and sudden bursts of noise, creating a unique cinematic experience.

“Lonely Cinema (Omission of Sin)”

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