New Release Roundup: Alle The Dreamer, Ryan Wayne, & Baby Jey

Alle the Dreamer


“Run Home To You”

Alessia Iorio, aka Alle The Dreamer, offers a dynamic approach to her pop songwriting, creating an ethereal realm within her dream-pop instrumentation. Though the Canadian songstress playfully categorizes her music as pop, it transcends conventional pop boundaries by seamlessly fusing the nostalgic echoes of yesteryear with the avant-garde influences of today, fashioning a sound all her own.

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Alle the Dreamer’s ascent into the modern pop world has included notable collaborations with artists in music hubs like Toronto, Los Angeles, and London. Some of her credits include being a featured artist on DVBBS’ single “Wicked Ways” and Morgan Page’s “Beautiful Disaster.” Additionally, she has co-written Little Mix’s song, “F.U” (from the 5x platinum album Glory Days), two singles for the K-POP group Suho, and Baby Ariel’s 2019 track “I Heart You.”

Her pop virtuosity takes center stage on her new single, “Run Home To You.” This heartfelt single, inspired by the tumultuous whirlwind of emotions that accompanies a genuine and passionate connection, showcases her honest and dynamic approach to songwriting. Her debut EP, Starting Over, dropped October 6th.

“Run Home To You”

Ryan Wayne

Indie Folk

“Maybe I’m To Blame”

Ryan Wayne, a Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, initially gained prominence as a pivotal founding member and songwriter of the award-winning band The Warped 45s. 

His new album, Crow Amongst the Sparrows, signals Wayne’s return to music after a challenging period in his life. Last spring, he grappled with the adversity of enduring not one but two strokes. In recovery, he found himself in deep contemplation, reassessing his life’s priorities. Music emerged at the top of his list amidst the labyrinth of thoughts and reflections. It was a revelation that had taken shape while he had temporarily stepped away from touring and recording with his previous band, dedicating time to his two young children and the pursuit of a master’s degree.

“Maybe I’m To Blame” can be traced back to a bygone era when the seeds of the song were sown during an unplanned and spontaneous late-night writing session with an old friend, Dave Celia. During Wayne’s journey of recuperation from the stroke, these slumbering melodies found new life. Kelley McCrae, a notable presence on several tracks of the album, stepped in at a later stage of the creative process. Her melodious harmonies lent a captivating dimension to the song, playing a pivotal role in its ultimate completion.

“Maybe I’m To Blame”

Baby Jey

Electro Pop

“What’s the Point of Saying Sorry”

Edmonton-based indie pop group Baby Jey proudly flaunts their affection for the timeless charms of disco and synth-pop in their forthcoming LP, Crop Circles. Their electric new single, “What’s the Point of Saying Sorry,” was brought to life using vintage keyboards from the ’80s and ’90s – a Korg M1 and a Yamaha Motif ES7 to be precise. 

“Some people listen to the song and think it’s about someone who is bitter, saying ‘who cares that I’m hurt, as long as we’re sleeping together, then everything must be fine,’” Baby Jey explains, stating the track’s lyrical themes have a double meaning.

They further add, “But other people take a straight up understanding of the lyrics – that words can only say so much and that there are things we can express with physical touch that are also emotionally powerful.” 

They emphasize that saying sorry can be important, but spoken language isn’t the only way that people communicate- music and dancing speak volumes just the same.

“What’s The Point of Saying Sorry”

Featured photo: Alle The Dreamer

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