Long Island Sound: Indie Folk Pop Songstress Evvan Releases Newest Single ‘Wolf’

It is said that a person’s true character is revealed in the face of adversity. This makes sense given the nature of our beings, how our consciousness allows for our humanity—until we are in a situation where our instincts become too powerful and take over.

Indie-folk artist EVVAN is tackling some of these deeper psychological questions through her latest single “Wolf.” The alias for her legal name of Evan Petruzzi comes after a “personal awakening,” in which she also “revamped her writing.”

The Long Island, New York, native worked in Los Angeles with members of the band Milo Greene and Grammy-winning engineer Sean O’Brien to bring this song to life. It will appear with previous single “Hurricane” and three new tracks on her upcoming EP, Home.

In an instant, you are pulled away into the near-cinematic world she creates as it wraps you in a silky blanket of soothing guitar loops and the steady heartbeat of the percussion. Her balanced, gently-controlled voice rings out above the swaying beat in soft harmonies. With a dark folk-inspired twist, “Wolf” could be the cross-bred child of The Civil Wars and early Fleetwood Mac.

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“Wolf” is satisfyingly true to its name, just as much a sonic representation of the theme as it is a lyrical analysis. Particularly, the melody often mirrors the cyclical path a wolf’s howl might take, but the underlying rhythm also bears a similar cadence to one a powerful predator might lazily stride at.

Through the message, Petruzzi is challenging her listeners to consider what characteristics might make themselves known in the face of aversion. Specifically, the song addresses the desire to fit in, and the struggle of sometimes feeling like an outcast, or the lone wolf. So when she sings “What will you do, when the wolf comes out in you?” it appears she’s really asking, “Will you conform to the pack and their ways, or will you look them in the eye and dare to be who you really are?”

It is curious that this song addressing identity is one of the first since Petruzzi’s own re-branding and name change. The way we want to be known and called by others is one of the most personal things that we can actually have a say in, so it is not surprising that her empowerment anthem shortly follows her own journey to self-awareness and confidence.

Like a heroine in the dramatic wild west film “Wolf” could be heard on the soundtrack of, Petruzzi is certainly starring in this tale, both a reflection of her own life and a calling to her audience to find the same peace within themselves.

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