Joey Green Copes With Pangs Of Heartbreak On New Single ‘Heart Lesson’

Texas native and former fan favorite on NBC’s The Voice, Joey Green shares lessons he learned the hard way in his newly released single “Heart Lesson,” which dropped September 8th.

Describing his songs as, “Americana with a pop sensibility, story songs with banger hooks,” Green takes listeners on an emotional journey with his latest track, where he delves deep into the complexities of love and life, offering listeners a glimpse into his own personal experience.

Green has no hesitation with vulnerable lyrics like, “I loved myself just a little too much” and “I let the good ones get away,” showcasing his admittance of fault, thus displaying an authenticity in his songwriting. The song reminds the audience that it’s not just okay to make mistakes, but it’s inevitable. It’s a reminder that love, in all its forms, is a beautiful and transformative journey, even through the darkest of hours.

“Heart Lesson”

Not only does he sing about the romantic lessons he’s learned in life thus far, but he also touches on his relationship with his best friend and about lying to his parents. “You ain’t gotta burnout, just gotta let it burn,” he sings. He often uses the “heart lesson” as a pun for “hard lesson” and uses them interchangeably.

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Green’s voice is complemented by a delicate piano arrangement, creating an intimate and emotive atmosphere. The simplicity of the music allows the lyrics to take center stage, ensuring that every word is not just listened to, but heard.

Green has eight albums under his belt, the latest being Puttin’ It Out There, a 6-song EP that was released in May 2022. Some of his other releases include Whatever Lady?! (2009),  Tone Home (2011),  Lo 5 (2013), Live at the Whiskey Girl Saloon (2013) and The War (2015).  

Over the years, he’s toured with artists like Sean McConnell, Randy Rogers, and more. He’s also been part of an international tour in London, Australia and Mexico called the Texas Music Takeover with other Texas artists like Cody Canada and Sara Jafee among others. His upcoming album, Heart Lessons, is slated to drop later this year.

His upcoming tour dates can be found here.

Joey Green

Photo by Natalie Rhea

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