Arlie Explores Duality & Celebrates Persistence In Colorful Indie Pop Banger ‘findaway’

Like finding a four leaf clover or spotting a rainbow after a storm, Nashville’s very own indie angels, Arlie, are channeling a little Celtic magic mixed with their magnetic pop-rock sound in their latest single, “findaway.” 

Finding new avenues within their sound, Arlie’s most recent project matches driving western pop with a bit of an Irish shuffle. Bright and explorative, “findaway” is a testament to all the pieces of life falling into place and reaping the rewards of love’s labors. 

The new release beckons the listener to let their hair down, and move through the moment, not shying away from the chase. Balancing between a jig and a semi-psychedelic jam, “findaway” flows freely and forcefully between jubilant celebration and recollection. Lead singer, Nathaniel Banks, whispers the intimate details of a long awaited relationship finally coming to fruition with atmospheric dream pop vocals. 


Regarding the song, Banks shares, “This song is about the power of desire as a source of fuel for creative problem solving, for better or for worse. I’m into exploring duality and dialectics in art. This one could be understood as both a celebration of persistence and determination, and at the same time, a lament about the unconscious forces that drive behavioral patterns.”

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Arlie’s roots run deep in the Nashville music scene with several bandmates hailing from local universities and founding their friendships here in Music City. Formed in 2015, the band is composed of Banks (lead singer) Michael Salabrino (guitar), Luke Saison (bass), and Aaron Umberger (drums).

Arlie is currently headlining the “Arlie’s Angels Tour” in support of their debut full-length album, Break The Curse. Staged with white feather wings and cumulus clouds, the band has cultivated a strong visual image representing their vibe, looking as if they’ve stepped right out of a dream and onto a stage. The band is also slated to perform at the popular Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta May 5th.

Drawing on these elements of out-of-body dream pop and feel good indie rock, “findaway” encourages the listener to chase what’s at the end of the rainbow, because “when you want something bad enough, you find away.”

Nathaniel Banks- photo by Gabe Drechsler

Featured image by Gracie Heart

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