Get To Know: L.A. Rockers Autonomica Get Heavy On Debut Single ‘She’s Got Your Name’

Prepare to have an intense adrenaline rush when you turn on LA hard rock band Autonomica.

“She’s Got Your Name” is the debut release from the band, which, despite being in its early stages, has already been hard at work establishing their sound.

Born in the midst of the pandemic, guitarist Filip Ilic and drummer Jeremy Long created Autonomica- because creating bands and music is what you do when you’re an artist sitting at home. The two were joined shortly after by bassist Jack Heldt and lead vocalist Maria Schneider.

“She’s Got Your Name” immediately takes off with a classic hard driving energy, getting the listener revved up for what’s to come. Schneider’s vocals shine in the chorus as she belts out the title line, “She’s got your name!” The interlude features an absolute shredder of a solo from Ilic that warrants turning the volume up to 11. 

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While Ilic or Long typically write the lyrics, this single was actually penned by Schneider. In an interview with BuzzMusic, Schneider stated that the single was “written with the message of the power of feminine energy and sexuality.” She hopes listeners will feel empowered after listening to the debut single. The gritty and powerful track was recorded and produced by Logan Miles Nix.

While the band is full of musical talent, a few members take on other non-musical projects. Long is also a stand-up comic and screenplay writer when he’s not banging on the skins, and Schneider is a talented makeup and special effects artist. 

Naturally, the band is excited about their future, and are looking forward to playing more live shows, with a few booked in the upcoming months around the Los Angeles area.

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