Get To Know: Eclectic Acoustic Pop Artist The Z-Man Experience Releases Debut Video Single ‘Give It Away’

Singer-songwriters take on many different paths and avenues. It’s a genre you can endlessly mold to fit whatever feeling you’re trying to get across. One of the fresh artists on the Music City scene to use this genre in a more unique way is the eclectic and endearing Z-Man Experience.

Born in the Midwest, Zach Cleven was struck by the music bug at an early age. Since the beginning, he’s been developing a truly idiosyncratic style. His fusion of genres – which has been described as “scat-acoustic-funk” – has helped set him apart. His unique sound has perked ears far and wide, and the varied artist is merely getting started.

With the experience he’s gained performing across the country and building his reputation, Cleven deemed it time to drop his debut single. “Give it Away” hit streaming services on January 22nd, along with a vibrant, energetic music video to pair with it.

His unique ability to meld genres is apparent from the get go. The acoustic guitars slowly draw you in with their rootsy folk feel, while the hand drum that comes in sets a driving percussion that coasts the song along.

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Cleven’s vocals are like few others, finding a strange middle ground between the nasal folk-quality of Bob Dylan, and the art-pop flash of Kate Bush. The lyrics state the need to give back to those who don’t have a lot in their lives or may be struggling. “I’ll give it to my friends without no land / Give it to my friends without no hands,” he sings. The song is wrapped together beautifully with some Brian May-esque guitar solos and soaring harmony vocals. 

The music video reflects the strange set of sounds the Z-Man Experience is using on this track. The serious tone of some shots are directly reflected by Cleven goofing around and simply embracing the world around him. It’s a perfect visual representation of the music being presented.

With this debut track and video, the music career of the Z-Man Experience officially has roots. His endearing fusion of styles is one you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, and his charm is evident.

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