Dark Alt-Electro Duo Skycabin Releases Delightfully Sinister New Visual Single ‘Insidia’

Specializing in a strikingly unique taste for visuals, Skycabin pairs its take on alternative electronic music with salient visual techniques and social media videos that have gathered quite a following. 

Composed of Farbod and Sepand, the multi-talented artistic duo was formed in 2020, a year that spurred significant life changes for many. Their combination of sound and avant-garde visuals works to craft compelling stories that can’t help but leave you wanting more. 

The group’s notable release of 2022, “Nerve”, was performed live for both the LA Shorts Film Festival and Portland Film Festival. A powerful choreographed dance features a woman with her arms and feet connected to strings much like a puppet. Watched by a giant eye, she gathers strength from her dance, freeing herself from the fetters controlling her movements. The lyrics tell a courageous story about conquering the odds, a visual representation of the word “nerve.” 

“Insidia,” the duo’s latest release, has a dark, pulsing electronic beat that delivers the alt-electro side of the group’s prowess. With effective repetition of some simple phrases, the vocals convey a sense of temptation and yearning, “wasted on evil.” Pervading the song is that feeling of wanting something so badly, you’re willing to do nearly anything: “I’m gonna stop time, lead it, breath this scene all night.” 

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A recent Instagram post about the single features a quote from Simone de Beauvoir, which captures the intention behind the song: “Ethical seduction involves curiosity about the world as it is presented by someone else… a vulnerability to rediscover our identity and to comprehend our evil.” De Beauvoir’s book, Ethical Seduction, largely inspired the song.

Accompanying the single is an otherworldly visual: a sinister silhouette of a horned “human” standing in the middle of a fantastically lush forest. Smoke billows from behind as delicate butterflies flutter across the foreground amidst flowering trees and shrubs, hints of pure beauty amidst the foreboding and dark tones, transporting listeners to this imagined world. 

Skycabin is preparing to release its first EP, SOMNIA, as a digital anthology. All six tracks will be released consecutively, each one an installment of a larger story. Additionally, each will have a visual accompaniment, with all six intertwined together.

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