Australian Singer-Songwriter Mark Wilkinson Wins Over Hearts In New Piano Ballad ‘Belong’

There’s never a bad time to release a tender, lullaby-like piano ballad that tugs at all the heartstrings. With an ultra-soft but powerful delivery, Australian singer-songwriter Mark Wilkinson does just this on his new single, “Belong.”

Born in Buckinghamshire, England, Wilkinson moved to Australia at a young age with his family. There, he attended school at the University of Sydney, where he was first introduced to his adored instrument, the guitar. He soon started writing his own songs, and immediately fell in love with crafting lyrics to tell stories.

His first EP, Cellophane Life, gained traction across Australian radio stations in the mid-2000s. Since then, the singer-songwriter has toured internationally, and released several EPs and albums to much acclaim. He has performed live alongside powerhouse acts such as Chicago, Brian Wilson, and Michael Bolton. 

“Belong” was released June 17th, and the tender track is full genuity and emotion that pour into every line. The song turns Wilkinson’s artistry in a new direction, going from his typical acoustic guitar sound, to featuring a piano as the driving instrument. The lyrics cut deep, telling a story of a loss, but a reluctance to move on.

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A beautiful string arrangement accompanies the emotive piano in the chorus, giving a passionate lift to the track. Wilkinson has a reminiscent sound of Ed Sheeran’s early days, and a Ray LaMontagne-style soul. Blending these elements together with his unique story-telling ability, the singer creates a sonic experience to move you to tears.

While he’s not writing, Wilkinson can be found on tour all over the planet; not only that, but you can even book a personal live show in your backyard if there are no dates close to home. He will be performing at AmericanaFest this September in Nashville, TN, where we’ll likely be checking out his showcase.

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