Australian Pop-Folk Songwriter Kodey Brims

Who: Australian Pop-Folk artist Kodey Brims 

What: EP Release – Out of My Hands 

Where: Worldwide!

When: August 30th

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About The Release: The Out of My Hands EP is about the intensity and vulnerability of growth. It is a four-song confessional of how I have dealt with it in my life, during times of great change and instability. I think the feeling of being lost and uncertain is something that comes with the territory of being a young adult in the world today. After likening feeling lost to the ‘Red Dust’ of the Australian outback, ‘Out of My Hands’ expresses the journey of being okay with change. I chose to name the EP after that song because I feel it really summarizes that period of time for me. The following songs, ‘Neon Colours’ and ‘Thunder’ are about the next steps of growing and understanding the world; finding happiness, and self-empowerment. This EP was a journey into the pop/folk world with raw vocals, honest lyrics and lush pop instrumentation. 

What’s Next: I am excited to get back to working on new music and planning a tour. You can check out my upcoming shows HERE.

Favorite Movie: Moana. It has beautiful animation and great songs. I get emotional with ‘How Far I’ll Go’ 

Favorite Snack: I am shamelessly addicted to chocolate. 

Dream Vacation: I would love to go back to New Zealand and explore the mountains of the South Island in winter. It is just raw untouched beauty of nature everywhere! I would love to go there and escape in a little cabin and ride horses.

Closing Words: Embrace change and vulnerability! While things in life can get really crazy, it is important to take a moment for yourself to understand and acknowledge your emotions. Do what you have to do to be okay. Whether that be therapy, talking to family/friends, walking the dog, or getting back to nature, it’s really important. 🙂

For more info on Kodey and her music, check out her website HERE.

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