ALBUM REVIEW: Rock & Roller Brad Suennen Releases Introspective New EP ‘Live And Learn’

In these times of reflection and looking towards the future, hopeful multi-faceted musician Brad Suennen looks to unite his listeners under a common goal with his newest project, Live and Learn.

After years of honing his musical craft, Suennen has found his happy place playing venues around Nashville, and being the master of his domain in his self-released music about his life experiences and the person he is today. He quotes his musical influences to be among rock legends like AC/DC and Pearl Jam, as his songs are filled with dynamic electric guitar leads and hard-hitting choruses that get the listener full of palpable energy. With Live and Learn, the rock artist discusses the need for action rather than waiting for good to come, and utilizing the past to improve the future. 

The project starts with the powerful number, “Didn’t Last,” that features a nostalgic Y2K punk rock sound in the modern scene. It harnesses a catchy groove and energetic lyricism about accepting the present and a healthy reflection on the past. The song acts as the lead single for the record, and the theme-setter for the rest of the collection. Suennen describes this song as a testament to personal growth and acceptance of the things one cannot control. 

Suennen intensifies the energy with the second song on the record, “Dive,” as he sings about the importance of taking the jump when faced with a risky decision. The song is broken up by an epic guitar solo and showcases the vocalist’s dynamic range and rock and roll personality. As the second single of the project, he looks to highlight his life experiences in a relatable display to encourage his listeners to buy the ticket and take the ride. 

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“Restore” comes towards the middle of the record as a slow-grooving ballad with a sultry guitar lead and an intense keys section. Suennen sings about needing time to figure himself and his future out before being able to repair and restore- often easier said than done. Once again, the impressive guitar licks and classic rock instrumentation drive the tune home and into the hearts of the listener. 

With an eerie undertone and intricate synth pads underlaying a traditional rocking melody, “Toward the Light,” talks about moving forward and focusing on the opportunities that lay ahead rather than problems of the past. Playing into the general theme of the project, the song is an ode to appreciating the journey and being able to use it as constructive learning for the future. 

Suennen closes out the 5-track record with “Voices In My Head,” an emotional slow-moving tune about intrusive thoughts and how they can get in the way of productive thinking. It features a tried and true electric guitar lead with sentimental keys underlaying that represents the struggle he faces against these darker moments. While the majority of the project is on the more positive side, this piece recognizes that there are roses and thorns to everyone’s journey, and how it’s all part of the human existence. 

The album was recorded at The Bomb Shelter in East Nashville, and featured Nolan Brown (keys), Josh Bean (bass), and Sammi Potts (drums, percussion).

For more of Suennen’s music, dive into his debut EP, Back and Forth, and keep an eye out for his live performances around the Nashville area.  

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