Afton Wolfe Highlights Unobstructed Bond Of Love In Soulful New Single ‘Til The River No Longer Flows’

With an affinity for the rich blues n’ soul music of his home state of Mississippi and nearby New Orleans, Nashville-based songsmith Afton Wolfe has established himself as a unique Americana artist in today’s ever-expanding scene.

And this past Friday, Wolfe released his latest single, “Til The River No Longer Flows,” taking listeners on an epic soul-rock journey through the depths of the human spirit.

Written by his father-in-law, LH Halliburton, the song’s title alone hints at an unbreakable bond, and a promise of love that endures for eternity. With the lyrics like “I am weary now / Searching for the answers / Highs and lows / I ain’t giving up / I’ll take all the chances / ‘Til the river no longer flows,” the song encapsulates the essence of everlasting love and not throwing in the towel when the goin’ gets tough.

With each note, he evokes an atmosphere that feels both timeless and intimate, akin to a secret shared between lovers under the starlit sky. Many of his songs carry the weight of love’s enduring powers and mysteries, and his new single is no different. Wolfe’s distinctive, gravelly voice conjures images of barroom smoke and single barrel bourbon, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

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“‘Til the River No Longer Flows”

The musical arrangement of “Til the River No Longer Flows” hits with a stirring soul-rock feel, chock full of ripping electric guitar and driving instrumentals. There’s grit, determination, and fire behind every lick and line. The performers on this track consists of Will Hammond (guitar), Doc Sarlo (piano, organ), Madison George (drums), and Erik Mendez (bass).

Wolfe doesn’t merely bend genres; he fuses the intricacies of many, rearranging them and conjuring a sound that’s unmistakably his own, all while paying homage to his Southern roots. His songs never fail to strike a harmonious balance between emotional refinement and unflinching passion, and “Til the River No Longer Flows” is no different.

Wolfe dropped his 5-song EP, Twenty-Three, this past February, and has yet another ready to greet the world, The Harvest, on November 10th. All of the songs on the upcoming EP are written by his father-in-law, including the follow-up single, “Lost Prayers,” coming out next Friday October 6th.

Upcoming Tour Dates/Appearances for Afton Wolfe:

9/28 – Nashville, TN – UNDIE FEST 2 (The Underdog) [6:30pm]

10/19 – Oxford, MS – Thacker Mountain Radio

10/20 – Hattiesburg, MS – Downtown Grill and Grocery

10/21 – Merigold, MS – Other Fest

10/31 – Nashville, TN – 5 Spot

11/10 – Nashville, TN – 3rd & Lindsley (WMOT Finally Friday)

Note* Paul Howard contributed to this article.

Photo by Scott Willis

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