Let Us Write For You

So many times, artists have reached out with awesome songs, but little to no information about them. In today’s world, it’s critical to have some semblance of an online presence. And it’s not all about Likes/Follows, but more so having various online channels with your music, and information about you/your band. We are far more likely to work with an artist who displays attention to detail in their online presence as oppose to those who don’t.

It’s only to your benefit to heighten your appeal with useful information about you or your band for both fans and industry heads.

We know you’re busy, so let us help you out with the following:

Bios- Artists have enough going on as it is, let alone having to worry about piecing together things like online Bios and About pages. But as frivolous as it may seem, for online publications like us, that’s some of the first bits of info we seek when deciding who to conduct articles on.

Press Releases- Looking to spread the word about your new single, EP, or LP? You’ll want to appear professional, and have it done properly for the powers that be to seriously consider. Simply emailing a haphazard inquiry email with a Soundcloud link likely won’t cut it.

EPKs- Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) are an essential tool when trying to convince media or industry folks you’re the real deal. You’ll want to have your highlights, links, and biography wrapped up in one pristine digital package with a bow on it so potential new managers, PR agencies, show bookers, music blogs, and whoever else will know you mean business.

So if you want to focus on your creativity and prefer someone else put together your online presence, feel free to reach out to for more information.

Or, you can fill out this form. We hope to hear from you!